A mysterious prisoner at Fortnite’s Polar Peak is being revealed

by Matt Porter


The snow and ice at Fortnite’s Polar Peak is continuing to melt, and it appears that the thaw will reveal a prisoner who has been held captive at the castle.


Polar Peak was added to Fortnite at the beginning of Season 7, and is home to the mysterious Ice King who has appeared in various loading screens throughout the season.

On Saturday, January 19, The Ice King broke free of the strange orb he was hiding inside and unleashed a frosty spell on the island that saw the entire map covered in snow.


Now, it appears that The Ice King has been keeping a prisoner trapped underneath his castle on Polar Peak, with the large block of ice that had been containing the captive slowly melting away.

Now, the block is almost entirely gone and fans of the popular battle royale title have been able to catch a glimpse of the figure that has been chained up underneath the castle.

At time of writing, only the arm of the unknown figure is visible, which appears to be made of rock and may be covered in runes which seem to be visible on the hand.

An arm can be seen protruding from the ice at Polar Peak.


While it’s currently unknown who this strange figure is, some Fortnite fans believe that the arm belongs to a skin which will become the Snowfall skin, which will be awarded to players who have completed the game’s Snowfall challenges throughout Season 7.

With the ice continuing to melt at Polar Peak, it’s unlikely that we will have wait long before the figure is revealed, possibly in the next Fortnite update, which is slated for Tuesday, January 29.