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A Guide To Getting High Kill Solo Wins In Fortnite Battle Royale

Published: 26/May/2018 13:29 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 15:53

by Scott Mahoney


Looking to improve your Snapchat story with higher kill Fortnite wins? This how to guide is exactly what you need to become a top slayer in your solo matches.

A new YouTube video breaks down a practical and detailed guide to help you improve your slaying abilities when going solo in Fortnite Battle Royale, and rack up kills to impress friends and boost your stats.

YouTuber “MonsterDFace”, known for insightful and entertaining Fortnite tips and tricks videos, details how to chase for high kill games in his latest guide.

Obviously, for players looking to rack up kills, playing aggressively and optimizing your kit to include a diversity in range, accuracy and power is key.


MonsterDFace rather surprisingly recommends not looting every building where you initially land, but instead focusing on getting sufficient materials and appropriate weapon to engage enemies.

He also advises you farm trees as you travel, but without wasting too much time farming instead of pushing for kills.

Players should also take note that it is vital to maintain high health and shield, and always look to carry shields, in case confrontations get a bit hairy.

Finally, he advises:

“Never try and make these games shotgun battles, but if you’re chasing that high kill game you better get your hand-eye coordination on point, and you better be warmed up.”

One tip you can apply immediately is to focus on positioning, using the optimal camera angle to line up shots better in close quarter situations.


All of this will of course come down to practice, but application of all the tips in MosterDFace’s guide should have you increasing your kill count in no time.