How to rotate quickly with Fortnite's Baller vehicle

Eli Becht

Fortnite’s latest patch added a new vehicle into the game and while it’s not an offensive juggernaut, it does have its uses when it comes to mobility.

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Among the changes introduced with Fortnite’s v8.10 one of the largest is the introduction of the new Baller vehicle. 

This vehicle certainly isn’t as powerful as the Stormwings were but the Baller makes up for this with its interesting mobility.

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We’ve seen the Baller is able to combo with a Pirate Cannon, resulting a lot of distance being covered in a short time, all while bringing the Baller along.

The Pirate Cannon isn’t the only way to rotate quickly with the Baller though, as now more options have been discovered.

The Baller has opened up many new rotation options.
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Another new addition to Season 8 of Fortnite is the volcano point of interest. This location took the place of Wailing Woods and is also the site of our next rotation trick with the Baller.

Reddit user dwarvencactus uploaded a video to show how to use the volcano and Baller to go anywhere you want.

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The video shows how the Baller can ride the lava all the way up into the air if you hit it at the right spot. From there you’ll be able to eject from the Baller and glide to pretty much any place on the map.

If you still have questions after seeing the video, the original poster laid out exactly what is being done.

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“You just drive into the main lava waterfall, there is a sweet spot which will send you up into the sky,” dwarvencactus wrote. “But make sure you don’t go too high or you die.”

The Baller has certainly shown its worth the first few days it has been available and there’s no telling what players will uncover next.