Fortnite revive bug will finally be addressed by Epic Games

Fortnite bug that forces players into disconnecting when they try and revive their teammates.

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Despite sweeping across the gaming world like wildfire, and preparing for an insane $30 million esports event, Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t exempt from running into game-breaking bugs that cause plenty of frustration. 

Away from the long-lasting audio issues, players have recently picked up on bugs centered around invisibility in the Baller and editing speed. Yet, there is a new, game-breaking error that is affecting a few players and denying them the chance of picking up that victory royale. 

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Epic GamesThe Baller has been at the center of many a Fortnite bug.

Reddit user TheMiner325 brought the strange issue to light with a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, showcasing that when their duo partner looks to start a revive, their game crashes and the pair is eliminated. 

TheMiner325 explained that this has been an ongoing issue for some time and they finally got a response from Epic developers who had a few questions of their own – looking to obviously rectify the issue.

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The Redditor even noted that the game-breaking problem happens in every game, and it doesn’t have to be centered around a revive either.

“He said yes. This happens to everyone he revives,” TheMiner325 added on behalf of their duo, responding to a question about its regularity. “The bug has been occurring for the whole season, but one time it stopped occurring. After that, the bug came back, and every time he would revive someone he would get disconnected. When I sent the report he didn’t even attempt to revive me; he just looked at me while I was downed and he disconnected.”

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Other Fortnite fans chimed in, stating that they’ve run into the issue themselves and have been waiting for an answer from Epic. “I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE! Happened so many times, only on DUOS in my case, on PS4 – EU server. Please fix this” pleaded AdnanAwes.

Their prayers were answered after more players explained how they run into the issue – giving Epic a variety of examples of when the issue rears its head. “Thanks all, I have the info I needed for now,” responded AaronMFJ – Epic’s lead QA. 

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It remains to be seen as to what fix Epic has up their sleeve for this issue, especially considering that it isn’t as widespread as others. 

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