FaZe Clan’s Tfue and Cloak discover the perfect counter for Fortnite’s Baller

Matt Porter

Popular Fortnite duo Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore have found the perfect way to counter one of the game’s most controversial vehicles – The Baller.

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The Baller was added to Fortnite in the v8.10 update for the popular battle royale title, with the vehicle using a Grappler attached to the front of the spherical cockpit to roam around the map, offering quick movement and protection from enemy fire to those who use it.

The addition of The Baller has been an immediate cause of annoyance for many Fortnite fans, with many games now dominated by the vehicle. Players have used Reddit to highlight the issues, with many Fortnite fans posting clips of numerous opponents hiding inside the vehicles in the final circle in an attempt to secure a Victory Royale.

The Baller has been a controversial inclusion in Fortnite.
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How did Cloak and Tfue counter The Baller?

While players continue to struggle with enemies using the vehicle, Fortnite pro duo Tfue and Cloak have found a way to deal with the pesky Baller, showing viewers of their stream the perfect way to do it during their Sunday, March 31 run in Fortnite’s Luxe Cup finals.

When the FaZe Clan duo came across a pair of enemy players sitting inside a box while driving The Baller, the Americans acted quickly to make sure they could eliminate them.

Cloak pulled out his Rocket Launcher, while Tfue made sure to have a Boogie Bomb in hand. As Cloak fired a rocket to destroy the structure that was providing the enemies protection. Tfue immediately threw in a Boogie Bomb, forcing their opponents out of The Baller as they helplessly danced, allowing the pair to charge in and kill them with ease.

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“That’s how you fucking do it right there boys,” Tfue told those watching his stream. “Get your fucking notepads out.”

This technique obviously requires the use of a Rocket Launcher and Boogie Bombs, and due to the ‘RNG’ nature of Fortnite, it’s not always possible to find these items around the map. However, if you and a partner can get your hands on these weapons, you should have a decent chance at getting rid of those pesky Baller opponents.