What happened at controversial Taco Bell Christmas party? Sex and vomit lawsuit

Lauren Lewis
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Taco Bell is facing a lawsuit after a branch was accused of partaking in a sex party fuelled by alcohol. 

Taco Bell is facing a lawsuit after a complaint was issued against a branch in December 2022 by former employee Alana Bechiom.

She claimed that she was invited to the Christmas party by her supervisor, Lidia Ruiz, at the San Pedro Taco Bell in Colorado.

According to the woman, they were encouraged to bring along food items in a potluck-style buffet. However, upon arriving, the complaint issued by Bechiom read: “(she) discovered that Ruiz covered the windows of the restaurant with wrapping paper” and “also covered the cameras for the lobby in the inside of the restaurant.”

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Taco Bell employee “shocked, disgusted, and outraged” by controversial party

Bechiom then said that when she walked back into the restaurant after stepping outside for a moment, she walked back in and saw a co-worker “having sex with his wife in front of everyone at the party.”

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Taco Bell isn’t exactly known for having controversial parties.

The ex-Taco Bell employee alleges that the group was “overserved” alcohol, and was under the influence. She goes on to say that the man’s wife was “kissing both Ruiz and another co-worker.”

Apparently, Bechiom says that when she went to pick up her guacamole bowl and leave, she saw people throwing up in it. 

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After Bechiom alleges this happened, she filed a report with human resources, and her co-workers were promptly fired. 

Taco Bell has yet to publicly comment on Bechiom’s allegations.

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