Server calls out customers who stay to watch Super Bowl without ordering anything

Lauren Lewis
Server slams Super Bowl customersTikTok: @poorandhungry

A server took to TikTok to slam customers who stayed to watch the Super Bowl without ordering anything from the restaurant and viewers can’t believe it.

A TikToker who regularly posts content surrounding her experiences as a server took to the platform to share the events surrounding Super Bowl festivities. 

Gaining over 1 million views, Syd writes in the caption, “BE GOOD TO YOUR WAIT STAFF TODAY.” She created a skit replaying the events that occurred: “Thanks for coming in on Super Bowl Sunday, what can I get for ya?”

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“Do you have any specials or themed drinks or themed appetizers?” they respond. 

“Super Bowls are actually kind of rough for some kind of restaurants… We get about the same amount of volume, however, people don’t leave for six hours,” Syd says. 

She then goes on to explain that the lack of customer overturn negatively affects how much servers make, but this doesn’t deter the customer, who simply chooses to order a round of water in the end. 

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“Cool, so you’re just gonna be in here for free for the next hour,” she concludes. 

People respond to waitress slamming Superbowl customers

After the video was posted on TikTok, people were eager to weigh in and share their opinion surrounding Superbowl customers. 

Many other waitstaff chimed in, writing: “Literally about to go work a double shift today at a restaurant and I’m DREADING it cause I know it’s gonna be this.”

“Working at Buffalo Wild Wings on Superbowl Sunday was formative for my college years,” another joked, followed by a laughing emoji. 

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Others told the poster that they refused to deal with customers who didn’t order food, writing: “A bar I worked at straight up told people they had to order something or get out immediately because of the volume. No free cable!”

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