Microsoft says Sony’s “Xbox exclusion” deal is why FF7R isn’t on Xbox

ff7r xboxSquare Enix

Microsoft alleges that Sony inks “Xbox exclusion” deals to ensure games like FF7R don’t launch on Xbox hardware.

In its ongoing attempt to purchase Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has continuously had to defend against claims that it will enjoy an unfair advantage over Sony and Nintendo.

The UK’s competition regulator, the CMA, continues to investigate the matter. And the Federal Trade Commission in the States recently filed a lawsuit to block the historic merger.

Throughout the last several months, documentation filed by both Sony and Microsoft in relation to the proposed acquisition has shed light on a few industry happenings behind-the-scenes.

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For those wondering why Final Fantasy 7 Remake has yet to hit the Xbox ecosystem, Microsoft may have recently provided an answer.

Microsoft document explains FF7R’s absence on Xbox platforms

Responding to the CMA in an October document, Microsoft alleged that Sony signs agreements with some third-party publishers that feature “Xbox exclusions.” In other words, PlayStation ensures select third-party titles never come to Xbox, according to Microsoft.

The filing lists a few of the games affected by this supposed practice, including Final Fantasy 7 Remake and upcoming experiences like FFXVI and Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Strangely, the document also mentions Bloodborne in this particular category, despite Sony owning the FromSoftware-developed IP.

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Twitter user @KoreaXboxnews shared the following excerpt from the October 2022 file in question:

Twitter: @KoreaXboxnews

As of writing, Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix has yet to specify whether FF7R will ever make the jump to Xbox platforms.

It’s also unclear if 2023’s Final Fantasy XVI will migrate to Microsoft consoles after timed-exclusivity ends on PlayStation.

Should talk of the “Xbox exclusion” deals prove accurate, it’s possible neither of these experiences will see the light of day on Xbox anytime soon.