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Is Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to PC? New trailer drops cryptic hint

Published: 10/Apr/2020 19:24 Updated: 10/Apr/2020 22:23

by Bill Cooney


A new trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake could contain a hint that the game will eventually be coming to PC along with PlayStation 4.

Just ahead of the remake’s release on April 10, a “launch message” video was posted for fans on YouTube from the producer of the FFVII Remake, Yoshinori Kitase.

WHile Yoshinori didn’t directly reveal that the game would be coming to PC, instead, it was something in the captured gameplay footage itself that some believe could be a major clue.

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At the bottom of the in-game footage, there’s some text that reads “Gameplay captured on PC,” which isn’t a major platform leak by any means, but could provide hope for a possible computer port.


We already know that FFVII will be a “timed exclusive” for PS4, which means it’ll only be available only on the console for a period of time before releasing on other platforms.

Sony has pushed the exclusivity date back to April 21, 2021, compared to what’s on the box art. This is almost a year out from the remaster’s release date, but it does signal that we’ll eventually see it potentially available on Xbox and maybe even PC.

Square Enix
FFVII will be a “Timed Exclusive” on PlayStation for almost a year.

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Final Fantasy XV, which came out in 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One, eventually came to PC via Steam in 2018, where plenty of games from the franchise are already available.


Sony’s also been releasing more and more of it’s so-called “exclusives” to PC as of late, with announcements that Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn would both be getting ports as well.

Again, this isn’t a definite leak that FFVII will be coming to PC, but it’s a very good hint that we could see news of a possible port before too long.