Tifa Lockhart cosplay stuns fans just in time for Final Fantasy 7 Remake

by Virginia Glaze
roga_na_noge, Instagram / Square Enix


The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is nearly here, causing gamers all over the world to burst with excitement for the title’s reimagining — and even cosplayers are getting in on the hype.

Standing as one of the most popular games of all time, Square Enix’s timeless classic boasts a wide array of iconic characters, including protagonist Cloud Strife, Aerith, and antagonist Sephiroth, among others.

However, few are as well-loved as Tifa Lockhart, who, thanks to her popularity, has made appearances in numerous Final Fantasy games and media throughout the series’ lifetime.

Square Enix
Tifa Lockhart is one of Final Fantasy 7's most iconic characters, hailed as a popular favorite among fans of the game.


She seems to be a hit with the cosplay community, as well, with a number of top-tier costumers creating their own take on Final Fantasy’s femme fatale — and with the game’s Remake already being released in certain regions, hype around the character is more explosive than ever.

Thus, cosplayer Angie Strelnikova brought out her version of Tifa in celebration of the Remake, debuting the outfit in late 2019 and continuing to promote her creation as the title draws ever nearer.

roga_na_noge, Instagram
Cosplayer Angie Strelnikova debuted her own take on Tifa Lockhart in honor of the FF7 Remake's release.

True to Tifa’s classic look, Angie boasts her white tanktop, skirt, black thigh-high socks and battle-ready gloves, just in case some Shinra thugs need a butt-kicking.


At the price of possible neck pain, Angie even stayed true to Tifa’s iconic long, black hair, a feature that was notably shortened in the Advent Children movie due to how long and thick it was to render.

roga_na_noge, Instagram
Strelnikova's Tifa cosplay hits all the right notes, with the costumer even recreating one of the character's iconic poses as highlighted by the Remake's key artwork.

The cosplayer also shared an impressive before-and-after transformation photo, showing just how different she looks in her Tifa getup as opposed to her normal look — and it’s safe to say that she nailed the AVALANCHE member’s style.

roga_na_noge, Instagram
Angie Strelnikova's side-by-side photo shows just how drastic her transformation into Tifa Lockhart really is!


Although the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has already been launched in some regions, the game officially releases for the United States on April 10, leaving American players chomping at the bit for a chance at experiencing one of gaming’s most historic titles for a second time.

Considering how impressive its first-looks have already been, fans can rest assured that it’ll be a feast for the eyes — something cosplayers are already getting excited about.