Final Fantasy Tactics remake rumors spread after producer’s vague comment

Brianna Reeves
final fantasy tactics remake

Vague comments from the producer behind Theatrhythm Final Bar Line have sparked speculation that Square Enix is working on a Final Fantasy Tactics remake.

As its title suggests, Final Fantasy Tactics offered players a tactical role-playing experience upon launching in 1997.

Square Enix shipped a few similar releases in subsequent years, such as FF Tactics Advance and FF Tactics A2, yet none were direct sequels to what came before.

As such, Final Fantasy diehards have long held out hope for a proper sequel or console remake. Now an ambiguous hint from one Square Enix developer has some fans thinking their dreams may finally come true.

Is Square Enix developing a Final Fantasy Tactics remake?

While interviewing Theatrhythm Final Bar Line producer Ichiro Hazama, Finaland asked why core characters from Final Fantasy Tactics have yet to be confirmed for the upcoming rhythm action game.

Hazama explained that when exploring characters from various sectors of the brand, the crew behind Theatrhythm prefers to engage staff responsible for individual titles. If exploring FF7-related content, for example, developers would first check in with director Tetsuya Nomura – a necessity when determining a character’s abilities, behaviors, etc.

The same thought process applies to FF Tactics. And, interestingly, Hazama told Finaland, “The Tactics team is incredibly busy at the moment, they have other things to do. They are heavily involved in another project at the moment, so we just don’t have time to talk to them.”

final fantasy tactics remake

As previously noted, this one line has some fans thinking Square Enix is secretly producing a much-coveted Final Fantasy Tactics remake.

Since Square Enix launched a re-release of FF Tactics’ spiritual predecessor, Tactics Ogre, to much acclaim in 2022, it’s not hard to imagine that a remake of yet another strategy RPG could be in the works. That presently remains nothing but a dream for fans, however.

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