Square Enix confirms FFXIV expansion will not be released in 2023

FFXIV Header imageSquare Enix

The developers behind FFXIV have confirmed in a financial report that there will be no new 7.0 expansion in 2023.

The Final Fantasy series has remained a staple of the gaming world for decades thanks to its cast of loveable characters and gripping storylines. While most are familiar with single-player RPG titles like Final Fantasy 7, the franchise also created the popular MMORPG FFXIV Online.

Since its release in 2010, FFXIV Online has gained over 27 million users worldwide. The popular MMO has gone through over a decade of updates and new content, continuously adding fresh adventures for players to enjoy.

However, it has now been confirmed through a Square Enix financial report there will not be a new 7.0 expansion for the game in 2023.

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FFXXIV expansion 2023Square Enix
FFXIV: Endwalker released in December 2021

FFXIV will not get a 7.0 expansion in 2023

In financial reports for 2022, Square Enix confirmed there would be no new major expansions in 2023 for FFXIV. 

However, fans likely aren’t surprised, as Endwalker is only halfway through its post-expansion phase. Each update is usually followed by five patches, labeled x.1 through x.5, with smaller updates rolling out in between. 

Additionally, there will be new content for FFXIV: Endwalker in 2023. Patch 6.3 arrived on January 10, followed shortly by the release of 6.31. The major patches 6.4 and 6.5 are still set to come out later in the year.

In the past, there have been roughly three to four months between major patches, though this target has slowed down during the Endwalker phase as director Naoki Yoshida said that he wants to avoid over-stressing the team.

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While the FFXIV 7.0 expansion is a ways off, fans of Final Fantasy 14 will still have some content to look forward to in 2023 thanks to the Endwalker updates. This will help keep players busy until more information about the next big expansion becomes available.