FFXIV player showcases custom made Dragoon Lance controller that reacts to movement

Liam Ho
Final Fantasy XIV Dragoon with Lance

A Final Fantasy XIV player has showcased their custom-made Dragoon Lance controller, which can cast abilities in the game based on the motions the user does in real life.

Final Fantasy XIV hosts an array of jobs for players to choose from. The ever-popular MMO contains the typical golden trio of roles, with tanks, healers, and DPS classes to fulfill the various tasks the game requires. The 20 jobs all require a fair amount of skill to use, with a bunch of buttons, combos, and action skills that need to be understood to play well.

Due to the demanding nature of each job, players need multiple hotbars to ensure they can fit all of the actions needed for their role. However this isn’t quite the immersive experience that some players are longing for, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and create their very own controllers.

Meet SuperLouis_64, Final Fantasy XIV player and controller extraordinaire. SuperLouis creates controllers and has done so for FFXIV, with their most recent invention immersing themselves as a true Dragoon.

FFXIV player creates custom Dragoon Lance controller

The controller connoisseur went above and beyond making just a regular stick for their build, however, and instead created an entire Dragoon spear based on the ones found in the game.

The controller, as shown on their Twitter, allows Louis to control their character with just their motion alone. Louis is able to perform the Dragoon rotation just by piercing their spear and using motion inputs.

Not only that, but Louis can input the Dragoon’s iconic dive by jumping slightly on the spot, staying specifically true to the class’ fantasy.

Louis states that the motion tracking is working, but the movements are mapped to the wrong abilities. This will be fixed after Fan Fest 2023, which Louis is likely attending.

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