Couple goes to extreme lengths to avoid spoiling FFXIV Endwalker for each other

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A gaming couple playing through FFXIV Endwalker shared the incredible lengths they went to in order to avoid spoiling the storyline to one another.

Avoiding spoilers in the age of social media can be a difficult task.

Checking any one of your usual apps can lead to a potential spoiler for a video game or movie, but that’s not the only way to potentially ruin a piece of entertainment.

Being in a relationship could also lead to spoilers, especially if you are both playing through a game at separate paces. One couple documented just how far they were willing to go to not tarnish the experience for each other.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Moon Character Trailer
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The release of Endwalker has caused plenty of headaches with server issues.

Couple avoids FFXIV Endwalker spoilers

FFXIV’s newest expansion Endwalker dropped on December 7 and with tons of new content, it’s been taking players a while to chew through.

One woman who goes by starlightsun posted her husband’s dedication to not spoil the game for her to the FFXIV subreddit.

She posted a picture of him with a bed sheet wrapped around him and the PC monitor with the title, “My husband trying not to spoil Endwalker for me.”

A commenter hilariously named the blanket a “Anti-Spoiler Blanket (Rare)” which provides its owner “+100% Resistance to all spoilers.”

The original poster clarified that she’s still playing through Stormblood, so it’ll take her a while to catch up to where her beau is.

It looks like her husband will be wearing that bed sheet for a long time.

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