FFXIV players have had enough of long queue times: “Feels like a bad dream”

Lawrence Scotti
Square Enix

FFXIV Online players have had to deal with massive queue times since the release of expansion Endwalker and it’s reached the point where they’re completely fed up.

FFXIV’s latest expansion Endwalker was released on December 7. It has become so popular that new sales of the game, as well as the free trial, have been halted entirely.

Lead FFXIV dev Yoshi-P addressed fan concerns saying the team is trying to “expedite” the log-in process and fix the issue for its enormous amount of players trying to access Endwalker’s new content.

The popularity of the game has overloaded servers, which has led to the queue times and one angry player base.

Final Fantasy Endwalker character
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FFXIV has had major queues times.

FFXIV Endwalker player frustrations

The popular MMO’s long queue time has freed up time for its player base to make memes about the whole situation, with one parodying the loading screen.

The home screen now reads, “Play Something Else, F**k Outta Here, We Are Full.”

Another FFXIV fan commented venting their irritation: “I’m still trying to process how a game can be so popular that the team behind it had to actually pull back on selling the game for the most part, and to sacrifice free trial players. Feels like some kind of bad dream.”

There’s currently no word as to when the queue times will be fixed, so stay tuned for updates.

Resolving the issue would also allow for new fans to be able to purchase the game, as well as restore the free trial.