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Team Envy release FIFA pro following controversial online comments

Published: 26/Dec/2018 21:06 Updated: 26/Dec/2018 21:47

by Alan Bernal


Team Envy issued a statement revealing the immediate termination of Josh ‘Jablett’ Ablett after the player had made a series of comments poking fun at a tragic event in football’s history.

In a screengrab of what appears to be a group message, Jablett made what Envy noted as insensitive comments about the Hillsborough disaster that took place in 1989.

The screenshot was Tweeted out by Freelance Esports Coordinator Dean Coombes and showed the remarks Jablett used to describe those who were lost in the infamous event.

After what seems to be friendly banter between figures, a member of the conversation brought up “the 96,” which is in direct reference to the 96 lives that were lost in Sheffield, England many years ago.


“Fuck the 96,” Jablett said in reply.

The comment was lightly met by a member named “Barlow,” who replied with “Trust me. Killed their own fans. Lol”

At which point, Jablett made known his intentions to create a squad in humor that referenced the tragedy.

“I hope you never get the chance to step foot in a FIFA Esport Venue ever again. You coward,” said Coombes in his tweet.

The conversation was not met with any sort of charm from the public or the organization themselves.

At the time of writing, Jablett has not commented on the event or his release and has switched his Twitter account to private.