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NepentheZ explains why Player Moments David De Gea is not worth the coins

Published: 2/May/2020 11:25

by Joe Craven


Craig ‘NepentheZ’ Douglas, veteran FIFA streamer and YouTuber, has explained why the recently added Player Moments David De Gea is absolutely not worth getting in Ultimate Team. 

As part of their commitment to keeping FIFA 20 as fresh as possible, EA Sports recently added a 92 OVR Player Moments David De Gea, celebrating his community work during the ongoing global health crisis.

While Douglas commended EA for the recognition of De Gea’s contributions, he criticized the fact it requires a return investment on behalf of players. Similarly, in an April 30 YouTube video, he explained why he doesn’t think the new De Gea card is worth getting, especially when looking at past versions of the Spanish shot-stopper.


David De Gea’s Player Moments Card.

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“I personally am quite happy with the [new] David De Gea, because I missed out on the FUTmas David De Gea,” he said, “but there is a FUTmas David De Gea. So why on earth have they given him a moments card? The moments card has 4 more kicking, 2 more handling, 2 more diving, reflexes, speed and 3 more positioning compared to the FUTmas card – but why?”

Essentially, NepentheZ’ argument is that the Player Moments De Gea does not provide a big enough upgrade on the existing FUTmas version. While he commended he EA for recognizing the work De Gea is doing to fight the ongoing pandemic, he suggested it is “weird” that players have to ‘pay’ to earn him.


“On the one hand, nice one EA for recognizing this,” he said. “On the other hand, you’re charging people for it. You’re saying ‘David De Gea did something sick, it’s gonna cost you if you want it’.”

Timestamp for mobile users: 1:01

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The Player Moments De Gea will cost players around 150,000 coins. This is actually relatively cheap for a 92 OVR player, but many argue he is not worth it, especially when compared to the FUTmas version which a number of Premier League based Ultimate Teams will already have.

The YouTuber summarized it with a simple “NOT WORTH” evaluation in a recent Instagram post.


EA Sports
The Player Moments David De Gea, compared to the FUTmas one.

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There is only a 2 OVR difference between the cards, which NepentheZ clearly doesn’t feel is enough to warrant investing another 150,000 coins.

It should also be said that there are a number of better PL keepers available to players – most notably the 97 OVR Allisson who features in the Premier League TOTSSF. He’ll set you back considerably more coins though.