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Lazio’s Luis Alberto has his FIFA 20 Ultimate Team starting XI revealed

Published: 20/Mar/2020 3:13

by David Purcell


Luis Alberto’s star studded Ultimate Team has been revealed by one of his FIFA 20 opponents, but there’s no place in his lineup for any of his Lazio teammates. 

Many pro footballers plying their trade in Italy, and more broadly across the world, will have a lot more time on their hands due to the current global situation – and one past time the former Liverpool man appears to enjoy is FIFA.

Alberto not only boasts his own 99 rated card, which is a telltale sign you’re playing against a pro as EA SPORTS only distribute these to accounts associated with the players, but a number of other major stars of the game made the cut as well.


Lazio’s Stadio Olimpico is on FIFA 20, so maybe Alberto plays at the stadium in Ultimate Team.

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The Spaniard had made room for Sergio Ramos at right back, but that card doesn’t play on the same side of the field to Alberto, who is on the left with Alex Sandro’s Player Moments special card (91) sitting behind him in defensive support.

This card can be obtained by completing a promo Squad Building Challenge. For those who would like to complete it, here’s a useful guide on how to do so.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the team in-full.

Luis Alberto’s FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

  • GK: Thibaut Courtois (90)
  • CB: Paolo Maldini (95)
  • CB: Rafael Varane (89)
  • RB: Sergio Ramos (93)
  • LB: Alex Sandro (91)
  • CDM: Luis Alberto (99)
  • CDM: Lionel Messi (96)
  • CAM: Ronaldo (94)
  • CAM: Ronaldinho (95)
  • CAM: Patrick Vieira (92)
  • ST: Kylian Mbappe (98)

Just played against Luis Alberto 🙂 from FIFA

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As the snap above shows, courtesy of Reddit user longusdongus-1102, while Alberto might not have picked any of Lazio’s players, he did opt for one of Serie A’s greatest ever defenders in Paolo Maldini. Not to mention the eye watering forwards in Mbappe, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo (R9).

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One thing that’s quite interesting is his position for Messi, who looks to be operating in a defensive midfield position based on the loading screen graphic.

However, we suspect him and Vieira will swap with in-game tactics – a decision that might have been made for chemistry. Either that, or Luis wants to see how the Barcelona legend would operate in a different role altogether.

So, there you have it! That’s what the latest version of Luis Alberto’s team looks like in FIFA and we imagine in the coming weeks, he’ll be spending even more time on the game mode. You never know, you might be the one to face him next.