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How to fix FIFA 20’s frustrating Ultimate Team DNF glitch

Published: 12/Mar/2020 12:10 Updated: 13/Mar/2020 5:40

by Jacob Hale


An annoying DNF glitch has been plaguing PC players in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, preventing them from finishing matches or earning rewards and disconnecting them from their opponent after the final whistle.

March 12 update: EA have now shipped an update fixing the glitch, meaning players will no longer need to use workarounds.

“This has now been resolved,” they said in a statement on Twitter. “Thank you for your patience.”

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FIFA 20, as with any major gaming title, is prone to the odd bug here and there, most of which seem impossible to explain, and this definitely fits that bill.


No matter the result of a match, PC players have started getting the DNF notification because they can’t finish their matches and, up until now, didn’t seem to have any clue why it was occurring.

It’s unclear which update caused this persistent DNF issue.

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Now, EA Sports has responded to calls to fix the issue in a series of tweets posted on Thursday, March 12.

Firstly, they addressed that the issue was actually occurring, narrowing it down to players who change formation during the course of the game as being the cause of the issue.

They then suggest that, for now, the only way to prevent this DNF glitch is simply to avoid changing formation during the match, including using custom tactics that change your formation – something fans weren’t particularly impressed by.


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Haber was one of the first to respond, calling formation changes a “core fundamental of the game,” and pleading with them to “get it sorted.”

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Others joked about how “just don’t use it” seems a “perfect solution,” or that this is “quite literally not a workaround.”

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It’s no secret that formation changes in-game are used almost all the time, with players opting to load in with a different formation to improve chemistry but adopt one they prefer when the match actually gets started.

That said, EA are clearly on top of it and PC FIFA 20 players should expect a fix sooner rather than later.