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How to complete Mackay-Steven Shapeshifters FIFA 20 SBC: solution & cost

Published: 3/Mar/2020 6:30

by Isaac McIntyre


New York City winger Gary Mackay-Steven’s Shapeshifters SBC has been released in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team as part of EA’s ongoing March promo to celebrate the return of the MLS, and we’ve got all the details of the limited edition card.

The Scottish import star has had a huge boost to his Major League Soccer card, leaping from a paltry 69-rated right midfielder to the pacey 84-rated cheap beast he’s become in the Shapeshifter promo — but is he worth crafting?

From in-game stats and value, to the cost of the squad-building challenge on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, we’ve got you covered below.


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Mackay-Steven’s SBC time limit, requirements, & cost

The 29-year-old New York forward’s +15 upgrade was released on Monday, March 2, and will be available for the next few days. The Scottish winger’s upgrade challenge will remain until Thursday, March 5 at 6pm GMT.

Mackay-Steven’s Shapeshifters SBC requires just a single challenge to complete – a cheap puzzle based around achieving an 84-rating.

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84-rated Challenge

  • Squad Rating: Min 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • Players in the Squad: 11

As of publishing, the one-squad challenge costs around 30,000 coins on PS4, and 35,000 on Xbox One and PC, according to FIFA stats website Futbin.

Here is the cheapest squad for the 84-rated puzzle to net yourself the upgraded striker Gary Mackay-Steven. The key here is La Liga choices ⁠— the Spanish league boasts a number of high rated but cheap cards like Fekir (84) and Iglesias (83).


Screenshot: Futbin
Solution for Gary Mackay-Steven’s Shapeshifters SBC in FIFA 20 FUT.

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Mackay-Steven’s in-game stats & value

There’s really no sugarcoating this one ⁠— this is one of the lower-rated SBC upgrades we’ll see in FIFA 20, and considering the Scottish winger-turned-striker is playing in Major League Soccer too, it’s not all that tempting.

There are a few reasons you’d grab the 29-year-old forward, of course. His new 95 pace is certainly alluring for anyone constructing an MLS squad, especially considering a lot of the bigger names in the league suffer from a lack of pace.

The Scot has also been bestowed with a huge +23 to shooting, and a +15 to physical. While it may not look like much, a similar boost came for Romain Alessandrini, the MLS’ French winger, in FIFA 18. He turned out to be a cheap beast.


The difference here, however, is that memorable Alessandrini card arrived in the very first weeks of the annual title, meaning he slotted into many fresh squads as an early upgrade. Mackay-Stevens doesn’t get that luxury in March.

EA Sports
In-game stats for Mackay-Steven’s 84-rated ST Shapeshifters card.

Especially considering there’s other great SBCs on the market right now like Real Madrid superstar Sergio Ramos ⁠— who has no expiry date ⁠— and a Flashback card for English and Derby hero Wayne Rooney, this one isn’t too tempting.

If you want a similar pacey threat down the wings too, just wait for Wednesday’s Team of the Week: Watford hero Ismaïla Sarr should be getting an in-form for his key role in their shock 3–0 victory over Premier League leaders Liverpool.