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How to complete Ibrahimovic Summer Heat Objectives & Sarr SBC in FIFA 20

Published: 26/Jun/2020 23:16

by Albert Petrosyan


EA SPORTS have released a set of Objectives for a new Zlatan Ibrahimovic Summer Heat card in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, along with a special SBC for French defender Malang Sarr.

The Summer Heat promo continues to roll on in FUT 20, and another wave of untradeable cards have been rolled out for players to grind for and unlock. The first is a 95-rated Ibrahimovic item that players can unlock via Objectives, as well as a 92-rated Malang Sarr SBC.


Ibrahimovic & Sarr Summer Heat in-game stats

Ibrahimovic’s card looks spectacular, to say the least, with pretty much every category except defending full of top-notch stats. Add that to the fact that he’s 6’5″ with five-star skills and four-star weak foot, and you have a clear endgame-level player.

The only negatives, and yes they matter, are his balance, which sits at a shockingly low 47, and 73 balance, which is not ideal. This means that you won’t be able to play Ibra the full match, so you’ll have to decide whether you’re going to sub him off or bring him on as a super sub.


EA SPORTSIn-game stats for Ibrahimovic’s Summer Heat Objectives card in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT.

As for Sarr, he looks like everything you’d want in a rock-solid centerback along your back line. The important stats – pace, physicality, and defending – are all stellar, and the card is taken to a whole new level when you add in the superb dribbling and passing.

CBs, even the ones that are really defensively sound, can often be a liability when it comes to controlling the ball and being able to play out from the back. If we’re to judge Sarr’s Summer Heat item at face value, it’s safe to say you won’t those kinds of issues.


Oh, and did we mention he’s got a four-star weak foot, a luxury for a defender, and low/high work-rates? This might end up being one of the best CBs in the game.

FUTWIZIn-game stats for Sarr’s Summer Heat SBC card in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT.

Ibrahimovic Summer Heat Objectives

There are four Objectives that you’ll have to complete in order to unlock this card, and they all have to be done in Division Rivals, so expect there to be a good amount of resistance as others are also looking to do them.

As per usual, each challenge has its own Pack and XP rewards, so you might end up making a nice profit if you get lucky and pull a big fish.


  • Skilled Service – Assist in two separate Rivals matches using players with minimum five-star skill moves. Reward: Two Player Pack
  • Weak Foot Finisher – Score in three separate Rivals matches using players with minimum four-star weak-foot. Reward: Gold Pack
  • Serie A Scorer – Score 15 goals in Rivals using Serie A players. Reward: Small Electrum Players Pack
  • Forward’s Finish – Score in with separate Rivals wins using Serie A Forwards. Reward: Electrum Players Pack.

Luckily, you will have plenty of time to get these completed as they’re going to be around for a few weeks, expiring on Friday, July 17.

Sarr Summer Heat SBC: requirements, solutions, cost

Malang Sarr’s SBC has two squad building components, and the current total cost to completing both is at 152,000 on PS4, 164,000 on Xbox One, and 143,000 on Origin PC, according to FUTBIN.


  • Players from France: Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 83
  • Team chemistry: Min 80
  • Squad rating: 11
  • Reward: Premium Mixed Players Pack

Ligue 1 Conforama

  • Players from Ligue 1 Conforama: Min 1
  • TOTSSF, TOTW, or TOTW Moments: Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 84
  • Team chemistry: Min 75
  • Squad rating: 11
  • Reward: Prime Electrum Players Pack

Here are the current cheapest solutions to both challenges, without needing any loyalty or position-change cards.

France solution

FUTBINCurrent cheapest solution for France component of Sarr’s Summer Heat SBC in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT.

Ligue 1 Conforama solution

FUTBINCurrent cheapest solution for Ligue 1 Conforama component of Sarr’s Summer Heat SBC in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT.

You won’t have quite as much time to complete this SBC as you do for the Ibrahimovic Objectives, as it’s only available for a week and will be expiring on Friday, July 3.


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