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How to complete FIFA 20 Jordan Amavi FUT Birthday SBC: solution & cost

Published: 29/Mar/2020 11:47

by Joe Craven


EA SPORTS have released a special FUT Birthday SBC for French left-back Jordan Amavi in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT), and we’ve got the requirements, total cost, cheapest solutions, in-game stats, and everything else you need to complete it.

As is customary with the FUT Birthday items, Amavi boasts 5-star skill moves, which is pretty unique given his defensive position. The young French defender’s base card in FIFA 20 is a 74-rated LB for OM in the French top tier. 

FUT Birthday Jordan Amavi in-game stats

However, the FUT Birthday version leaves every silver aspect behind, giving him an incredible boost of 12 OVR. Similarly, his pace has gone from 77 to 90 meaning the once average sprinter is now one of the fastest defensive options in his league.


The only stat on his FUT Birthday card to fall below 80 is his shooting at 77, which is pretty irrelevant given his LB position. As upgrades go, this is up there with EA’s most generous. 

A look at Amavi’s in-game stats.

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FUT Birthday Jordan Amavi FIFA 20 SBC time limit, requirements, cost

As with any FIFA 20 SBC, there are strict requirements in place that players have to meet. If you don’t complete both SBCs by April 2, you won’t be able to earn the FUT Birthday version of Amavi, and you’ll have to settle for his silver base card.  

There are two squads players have to complete in order to unlock Jordan Amavi. The first is a Ligue 1 Conforama squad. This requires at least one player from the French top division, a minimum of 84 OVR and 80 chemistry. 


The second is slightly more difficult, requiring at least one French player and a minimum of 85 OVR. While the required chemistry is slightly lower at 75, the higher squad OVR means you’ll have to depart with more coins. 

In total, the two squads will cost players roughly 130,000 coins. However, this is subject to fluctuation, so it could vary depending on when you do this challenge. It’s likely we’ll see a slight rise in the average cost of all French players as a result of the SBC. 

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Jordan Amavi FIFA 20 SBC answers

Thanks to the guys over at FUTBIN, we’ve compiled a few of the cheapest options when it comes to completing the Jordan Amavi SBC. The first squad, the Ligue 1 Conforama one, will only set players back 35k-40k coins, depending on your platform. 


This first squad is far cheaper than the second.

This second squad is considerably more expensive, coming in at roughly 90-100k coins depending on your platform. 

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This XI will set you back about 100k.

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While 130,000 coins isn’t that much compared to some of the other SBCs FIFA 20 has recently offered (Bruno Fernandes’ POTM cost around 800,000), it is quite a hefty setback for a less in-demand player. 

However, his pace, OVR and 5-star skill-moves make him the best LB in Ligue 1. It’s ultimately your call. If you play a five-at-the-back formation, he’s probably more viable given his attacking strengths. 

Similarly, his French nationality means he can also be used in hybrid squads, paired with the Premier League’s Aymeric Laporte or the Bundesliga’s Kingsley Coman. The call is yours.