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How to complete Christian Eriksen Summer Heat SBC in FIFA 20

Published: 28/Jun/2020 11:30

by Joe Craven


EA Sports have released yet another Summer Heat squad-building challenge in FIFA 20, this time focusing on Inter Milan attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen, who boasts 5* weak foot and 5* skill moves. 

FIFA 20’s ongoing Summer Heat event has thrown a host of seriously impressive cards into the mix. The latest of these is Christian Eriksen, the Danish CAM who moved from Tottenham to Inter Milan in January.

The upgrade has given Eriksen both 5* skill moves and 5* weak foot, as well as a 6 OVR boost, making him one of the best Serie A attacking midfielders players can get their hands on.

Summer Heat Christian Eriksen Stats


Summer Heat Eriksen's stats in FUTBIN

Eriksen’s Summer Heat upgrade features a 6 OVR boost compared to his base card. However, some stat boosts go way beyond an increase of 6 – his shooting is up 14 on his base card, while his dribbling has risen 11.


His pace has also had a significant boost to 88, including 90 acceleration. Eriksen should also be an absolute monster when it comes to shots from outside the box, boasting 99 positioning, 98 shot power, and 99 long shots.

Summer Heat Christian Eriksen SBC – cost & solutions

There are two squads players need to complete in order to unlock the Summer Heat Eriksen card. The first is an Inter Milan squad, that has to contain 1 Inter player, a minimum OVR rating of 85, and team chemistry of 70 or above. This squad currently costs between 120-138k, depending on your platform.

Thanks to the people over at FUTBIN, we’ve compiled a couple of the cheapest options to complete the Eriksen SBC, not reliant on loyalty.


Inter squad from FUTBIN
One of the cheapest solutions for the Inter squad.

The second squad is a top performer squad, that requires a minimum overall of 86 and chemistry of 65 or higher. However, it also requires one TOTSSF or TOTW player, taking its cost up to 150-165k depending on the platform.

Eriksen Top Performer Squad in FUTBIN

The total cost of the two squads comes out at 270-300k coins, making it more expensive than some of the other Summer Heat challenges we’ve seen, but also considerably cheaper than the one featuring Roberto Firmino.

So, finally, is the Eriksen SBC worth it? In short, it’s a tricky one to call. Other top-tier Serie A options are available for cheaper – like Luis Alberto’s 97 OVR TOTSSF card. However, other options like Paulo Dybala come in far more expensive, so it’s ultimately up to you.


If your Ultimate Team could do with a creative, long shot talent at CAM then go for it. If you want a player to be surging to the box and playing alongside your strikers, you’re probably best off going for a cheaper option.