How to claim free FIFA 20 Twitch Prime Ultimate Team pack reward

Published: 23/Mar/2020 20:41

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS are offering Twitch Prime rewards in FIFA 20 with players able to grab themselves a new Ultimate Team pack, potentially with rare cards inside. 

As many players will know by now, players can be picked up in FUT by either buying them from the market, completing Squad Building Challenges, or having them appear in packs bought using the in-game marketplace, with real money or coins.

However, there’s a free pack that can be claimed in the game right now, exclusively for Twitch Prime members. Let’s take a look at what it includes, and what you have to do in order to get your hands on it.

FIFA 20 Twitch Prime rewards

The Twitch Prime reward available in FIFA 20 at the time of writing is an 81+ OVR Player Pack, which includes one item guaranteed to be overall 81 rated, as well as four other Rare Gold player items.

Those who claimed the Winter Refresh pack in the early weeks of 2020 will be familiar with the rewards, as the pack is identical.

Hopefully, by claiming it, the rewards inside will make the whole thing worthwhile. Something is better than nothing, after all.

Here is the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team pack Twitch Prime members can get ahold of.

How to claim Twitch Prime rewards in FIFA 20

Now that you know what;’s up for grabs, by following these quick and simple instructions you should be able to collect your pack in no time. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Head over to the Twitch Prime/FIFA 20 web page.
  • From there, you will see a list of rewards that have been made available in FIFA 20 for Twitch Prime members.
  • Click the ‘Claim Now’ tool and sign in using your Twitch Prime details.
  • Make sure your Twitch Prime and gaming account, on PC, Xbox or PlayStation 4, is linked.
  • Once that’s done, the claiming process is complete and the rewards should appear in-game.

The calendar, also found on the Twitch Prime page, shows available reward slots for April and May – so expect even more bonus content to be made available in the coming weeks and months.

Until then, redeem your pack and we hope you get some quality rewards. Make sure to tweet us with what you got inside your pack @UltimateTeamUK. Good luck!


Liverpool’s Diogo Jota explains “passion” for FIFA 21 and esports

Published: 2/Dec/2020 15:13

by Jacob Hale


While he may be causing an absolute storm on the pitch for Liverpool FC, Portuguese attacker Diogo Jota has spoken out about his other huge passion: esports and playing FIFA 21. 

Just like the rest of us, clearly the winger can’t resist firing up his console on his days off and loading into FIFA 21. After all, he’s already proven himself as one of the best FIFA players in the Premier League, including an impressive 30-0 Weekend League performance in FIFA 20.

As is made clear now, though, Jota is more than simply a talented fan of the game, but has a clear, unfaltering love for competitive gaming as a whole.

Diogo Jota celebrate vs Leeds
Flickr: Ennoti
Jota signed for Liverpool in the summer and has proved himself a valuable member of the team thus far.

Jota on FIFA 21 and esports

Speaking with The Athletic, Jota talks about his career thus far, his idolization of players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and much more. Though, he eventually turns to the topic of esports — a lifelong passion of his.

“Since my dad gave me my first PlayStation as a kid, it’s been like another passion of mine. I always played football on it,” he said. “I always liked games where you can manage your own team. In the world of esports, I feel like I can have three things all together — my passion for football, the competition of playing against other people and also managing.”

That wasn’t all, though. After beating now-Liverpool teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold in the final of the FIFA 20 ePremier League Invitational, the 23-year-old says that he thinks Arnold is “looking for revenge” — so expect a rematch down the line.

As well as FIFA, Diogo also stated that he’s a huge Football Manager fan, and has been patiently awaiting the latest FM21 for “something interesting to do, project-wise.”

Diogo Jota wins ePremier league invitational fifa 20
YouTube: Premier League
Jota was a Wolves player when he won the ePremier League Invitational.

While Jota is clearly a talented player, he isn’t content with being on the outside of the esports bubble, and clearly has plans to get himself fully immersed in the industry down the line.

“I started looking at professional esports players and how they do things,” he said. “I started playing better myself because I had the opportunity to look at them and learn with them. I started thinking, ‘Why don’t I get involved?’

“That’s what we are trying to do now. Me and my team, we are looking to find a way to get into this business. We are in the perfect conditions. I hope that soon this will be a proper thing.”

What comes of Jota’s desire to venture into esports remains to be seen, but he’s clearly taken a very keen interest the industry, and we should expect to see his name a lot more in the gaming world in 2021.