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FIFA player spends over $8,500 on Ultimate Team packs with crazy results

Published: 5/Feb/2020 17:47

by Jacob Hale


A FIFA YouTuber has spent over $8,500 on Ultimate Team packs for a video, and it has shown what kind of cards you can expect to pull if you’re willing to invest some serious money – and have luck on your side.

Ultimate Team allows players to purchase cards of the best football players in the world, slotting them into your squad to make your team better. But if you can’t afford to get the top players with the coins you’ve earned, you might be tempted to open packs in the hope of pulling an expensive player and improving your team’s worth.


At an exact cost of £6,614 ($8,592.84), ChrisMD – joined by Sidemen’s Wroetoshaw – wanted to go all-in on his Ultimate Team squad and hit big, and it’s fair to say he got as much as you would expect from such a huge investment, with all variety of players joining his club.

YouTube: ChrisMD
Chris has nearly 5 million subscribers on YouTube.

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In the very first pack of the video, Chris pulls an 89-rated Luis Suarez which, at the time of writing, is worth little under 40,000 coins — far better than many will get when opening packs.

Following it up, they pack the likes of Raheem Sterling (~50,000 coins, according to Futbin) and Toni Kroos (~30,000), which are decent players to build squads around or sell for a bit of profit… but not enough to get them jumping for joy.


There were some pulls, however, that got them excited. A 90-rated Icon Emilio Butragueno (~1.3m) was the biggest to start with, but once Harry had left and Chris took the reins himself, it got a lot better.

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In his third solo pack, Chris was lucky enough to get a Team of the Year Allison Becker, Liverpool’s 97-rated star goalkeeper, worth around half a million coins.

He goes on to pick up an 89-rated Kaka Icon (~700k) and the formidable 98-rated Team of the Year Kylian Mbappe, which is currently going at around 5 MILLION coins across all platforms.


From his newfound riches, Chris manages to pull the likes of Andy Robertson, Kenny Dalglish, Michael Ballack, Frenkie de Jong and Matthijs de Ligt (among other highly-rated players), making his team value skyrocket.

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Having almost $10k spare to spend on Ultimate Team packs would be a dream for most FIFA players, but for now, we have to live vicariously through Chris, who seems very happy with his pack luck in this video.

With Team of the Year cards now out, we’ll likely see a lot of players trying their luck with pack openings — but chances are, it won’t get much better than this for Chris.