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FIFA 21 ratings Premier League top 10: De Bruyne, van Dijk, more

Published: 10/Sep/2020 17:08 Updated: 10/Sep/2020 17:14

by Connor Bennett


EA SPORTS are gearing up for the release of FIFA 21, and with the Premier League being one of the most popular leagues around, we’re looking at the highest-rated players in the league.

Each year, as FIFA fans get ready for the new game, there are plenty of things to look forward to. You have new features, new game modes, and even the new changes to Ultimate Team. Before that point, it’s all about ratings. 

Fans are always trying to guess which players will be the highest-rated in the next FIFA title. Will Lionel Messi be better than Cristiano Ronaldo? Which team is going to be bumped up to five stars and who is going down to four stars? Here, we’re going to lay out the top 10 players in the Premier League, and you can scroll down to check out our preseason predictions! 

Liverpool have been running riot in the Premier League.

The Premier League, as you can expect, is dominated by runaway leaders Liverpool, Manchester City, as well as high profile players from other sides like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal.

FIFA 21 Premier League top-rated players

The Premier League is the most popular league in the world, and that remains true in FIFA where Premier League players can often be highly sought after in both Ultimate Team and Career Mode. Here are the Premier League’s top 10 players in FIFA 21:

  1. Kevin de Bruyne (91)
  2. Virgil van Dijk (90)
  3. Mohamed Salah (90)
  4. Sadio Mane (90)
  5. Alisson (90)
  6. Sergio Agüero (89)
  7. Harry Kane (88)
  8. Raheem Sterling (88)
  9. Ederson (88)
  10. N’Golo Kante (88)
Mohamed Salah FIFA 19
Liverpool have four players with a 90 rating — including star man Mohamed Salah.

Make sure to check out our predictions below to see how far off (or how close) we were to guessing them right!

FIFA 21 Premier League top-rated players: Predictions

10. Timo Werner (87)

OVR: 83 > 87

There will likely be a number of 87s across the country, but there’s one man we would like to highlight right off the bat. That guy is Timo Werner. 

The German was electric for RB Leipzig last season, earning his move to the multiple time Premier League champions. Stamford Bridge is his new home, and with a creative team around him Timo might fire them right to the top next season.

9. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang (88)

OVR: 88 > 88

There aren’t many more deadly strikers in the Premier League than Aubameyang. Before the season came to an abrupt stop, he’d managed to firmly cement himself as the second top goalscorer with 17 goals.

However, like Kante, he might have his club’s season held against him. So, he’ll probably be sticking with his current rating moving forward.

Auba has been deadly in front of goal for Arsenal.

8. Raheem Sterling (88)

OVR: 88 > 88

Since becoming a staple for Manchester City, Sterling has evolved into one of the most potent attackers in the Premier League – and he’s always a nightmare to play against on FIFA.

With 11 goals for City during the last campaign, he could be in for an upgrade in FIFA 21, though that might not leave much room for the in-forms that he’ll no doubt end up with. 

7. Roberto Firmino (88)

OVR: 86 > 88

Firmino is pretty much the glue that holds Liverpool’s front three together. Like his teammates, the Brazilian has had a stunning season, but he probably won’t be leaping close to a 90-overall given his problems with scoring at Anfield.

6. Sergio Aguero (89)

OVR: 89 > 89

Aguero is now firmly in the conversation to be one of the Premier League’s greatest ever forwards as he keeps finding the back of the net for the Citizens season upon season. 

Despite managing to score 16 times in the league during this campaign for City, he probably won’t find himself moving up or down when it comes to getting his rating in FIFA 21.

Aguero in FIFA 20
Sergio Aguero his been dominating Premier League defenses for many years.

5. Mohamed Salah (90)

OVR: 90 > 90

Like Firmino, Salah has played a vital role in Liverpool’s charge to the title, and despite having scored 16 times in the league, he might not be in the upgrade that many Reds’ fans might be expecting. 

4. Alisson (90)

OVR: 89 > 90

One Liverpool player who is probably assured of an upgrade, however, is Alisson. The Brazilian has cemented himself as one the Premier League’s top shot-stoppers – if not becoming the best. 

An early-season injury might have prevented him from topping the Gold Glove chart – that honor belongs to Nick Pope, as of writing – but an upgrade in FIFA probably does his stellar campaign justice.  

3. Sadio Mane (90)

OVR: 88 > 90

After banging in 14 goals and claiming a Premier League Player of the Month award, Sadio Mane has become the gem in Liverpool’s attacking trio.

He’s had a huge number of cards in FIFA 20 to represent his stunning season and he’ll likely be rewarded for that as we move into FIFA 21.

Mane has become the star of Liverpool’s attack.

2. Virgil van Dijk (91)

OVR: 90 > 91

While Liverpool fans regularly sing the praises of their colossal Dutch defender, he isn’t the player claiming top spot in these predictions.

A nice little boost is in order for him once FIFA 21 launches, and he’ll likely be the highest-rated defender in the game – Icons excluded – but the top spot goes elsewhere.

1. Kevin De Bruyne (92)

OVR: 91 > 92

Kevin De Bruyne is the Premier League’s top-rated player in FIFA 20, and there is no real reason why that shouldn’t continue into the next game.

The Belgian midfielder has had his injury problems this season, as well as poor results as part of the City side, but when he’s on the pitch, he does things that not many players in the world can even dream of. 

KDB is arguably the Premier League’s most talented player.

Obviously, these are purely our predictions based on what these players have done this season, and EA could very well gave different overalls in mind. 

If you disagree, or even somehow manage to agree, be sure to let us know on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK!


How to complete FIFA 21’s Premier League & Bundesliga double upgrade SBCs

Published: 29/Nov/2020 15:11

by Connor Bennett


EA SPORTS have dropped a handful of double upgrade squad building challenges into FIFA 21. Here, we’ve got cheap solutions for the Premier League and Bundesliga SBCs.

As the FIFA year unfolds, EA SPORTS rolls out plenty of new content – especially when it comes to Ultimate Team.

There are new cards, packs, players, and plenty of things to get your hands-on – with the majority of these coming through Squad Building Challenges.

In the newest set, EA have released double upgrade SBCs where you can get two rare players from a league of your choice. However, we’re focusing on the Premier League and Bundesliga for now. 

FIFA 21 Lewandowski
FIFA 21 has many good attacking players, but not a lot are better than Bayern’s top striker.

Premier League & Bundesliga Double Upgrade SBC requirements

The requirements for both challenges are simple, and identical as well, bar needing to change it up for the league you’re after.

You’ll need to hand over 11 rare, gold players, with at least six of those coming from the league you’re doing – so, six Premier League players for the Premier League SBC and six from the Bundesliga for the Bundesliga SBC.

You can pick 11 rare players, there’s nothing stopping you, but if you decide to mix in other leagues, bare in mind that you will need a minimum of 70 Team Chemistry to complete both SBCs. Squad Rating doesn’t matter here. 

  • Bundesliga 81+ Double Upgrade: Min. 6 players from Bundesliga, exactly 11 gold players, Min. 70 Team Chemistry.
  • Premier League 81+ Double Upgrade: Min. 6 players from Premier League, exactly 11 gold players, Min. 70 Team Chemistry.

Premier League & Bundesliga Double Upgrade SBC cheap solutions

Now, the challenge is ideal for anyone who has a tonne of fodder cards laying around, but if you don’t, and need to build the team from scratch, it won’t cost too much.

According to FUTBin, both challenges will cost anywhere between 9,000 and 11,000 coins regardless of your console. Though, we’ve got a few solutions that should save you some coins. 

For completing the SBC, you’ll get two players that are at least 81-rated from your selected league. If you want to keep trying your luck, well you can, as the challenge is repeatable. 

If you manage to grab anyone good, be sure to send us a picture over on Twitter – @UltimateTeamUK.