FIFA 20 Update 21 patch notes reveal more Ultimate Team changes

FIFA 20 Update 21 patch notes reveal more Ultimate Team changes

Published: 18/Aug/2020 11:20

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS have unveiled everything that’s been changed in FIFA 20 update 21, and the simplest way of putting it is not a lot really. 

These title updates have been hit and miss now for months. Sometimes something huge will arrive like the addition of CONMEBOL competitions and the community gets excited, for the next to just be a few bug fixes not a lot of us even knew about.

On August 18, the developers announced their latest patch had went live on just PC platform. Usually, they do this first, then roll it out a little later for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


In recent times, the biggest change has been the Special Quality Filter. While late in the game, the addition has been positively received both in the current title and in the FIFA 21 beta. Their tweet from FIFA Direct Communication left people guessing as well, but the update itself is quite minimal. Just a handful of changes.

Ultimate Team is the focus of the patch by the looks of things, but there’s also a reference to a problem in VOLTA Football as well.

The patch notes, as confirmed by EA SPORTS on their official blog, are as follows:

FIFA 20 Title Update 21 patch notes

Memphis Depay in FIFA 20
Ultimate Team changes are included in the patch.


Addressed the following issue:


  • When searching for Player Items with the Defender/Midfielder/Forward modifier, the Special Quality Filter would display unselected Item rarities.
  • Removed an unused tab in the Special Quality filter which appeared in some languages.

We are aware certain clothing items cannot be saved to your Avatar in VOLTA FOOTBALL and are working on addressing the issue through a future release update.

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