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FIFA 20 Update #16 patch notes: Connection Monitoring, kit & tifo update

Published: 28/Apr/2020 23:46

by Alan Bernal


FIFA 20 has a new update in store for their PC community that’s bringing a better way for players to monitor their connection to the EA SPORTS servers, along with visual updates to some kits.

While it’s unclear if the update will come to the rest of the FIFA ecosystems, namely PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it should already be available for PC players to test out. This isn’t the biggest patch for FIFA, but it still holds worthwhile additions to catch up on.

Not only are the devs getting people excited for plans to TOTW Moments, they’re also fine tuning the online experience, which could be precursors for the next iteration of the game.


Connection Monitoring

Connection to EA SPORTS servers can suffer during an online match in FIFA 20.

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Though it’s not going to fix any of the connection issues that players have been experiencing throughout online fixtures, it will give them a heads up on where the problems are stemming from.

The option will give a batch of players the ability to see a certain information that gives them the status of their connection. Not all FIFA 20 players will get the update.

This is an experimental addition to the game’s options that are going to go into practice soon, but could be refined by the time FIFA 21 rolls around.

Visual updates

Some kits in FIFA 20 are getting visual updates.

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The EA SPORTS devs weren’t entirely specific, but they’ve added updates to numerous kits and tifos in the game.


These will hopefully allow the immersion of the football simulator to be more effective with new animations and shirts coming to the game.

Meanwhile, a fix to scrolling line ups not displaying the correct names has been addressed, hopefully ironing out any errors there.

VOLTA will properly display saved custom character changes.

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As for fans of VOLTA FOOTBALL, you’ll be glad to hear that the issue with avatar’s saved customizations not displaying has also been fixed.

There are a few more updates to be aware of so catch all the new changes made to FIFA 20 on PC in the patch notes below.


Made the following change:


  • Added a Connection Monitoring option in Settings.
  • This option enables the display of certain information regarding your connection while in an online match.
  • This option is currently only available to a select group of players while we gather feedback and tune the associated values. We will communicate our plans for releasing this to a wider audience when more information is available.
  • All other players will see this option as greyed out, and will not be able to toggle it on at this time.


Made the following change:

  • Updates to multiple kits and tifos.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Scrolling line ups were not correctly displaying names.
  • In VOLTA FOOTBALL, the avatar’s saved customizations were not displayed in some cases.