FIFA 20 TOTW 23 FUT Squad | Team of the Week IF Cards

A brand new FIFA 20 TOTW 23 squad has officially been announced by EA SPORTS. This week’s updated group of FUT Team of the Week in-form players is scheduled to enter Ultimate Team packs at 6pm (UK time), February 19, and remain live until February 26, 2020.

Generally speaking, FIFA Team of the Week cards are worth the most as soon as they become available, this is mainly due to a shortage in supply. Keeping this in mind, if you have saved any packs ready for these FUT TOTW players, we recommend redeeming them right after these new in-forms enter the Ultimate Team game mode.

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The above pack opening tip can help you save coins in the long run, and it works even better with new FUT promotions. With this said, some IF cards can increase in value over time, but a lot of this is dependent on the player receiving a higher rated version, or being useable for popular SBC solutions. See the updated FIFA 20 TOTW 23 squad below.

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FIFA 20 TOTW 23 In-Forms

FIFA 20 TOTW 23 | FUT Team of the Week

Starting XI

  • Player names will be updated shortly…

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  • Player names will be updated shortly…


  • Player names will be updated shortly…

Are you impressed with the latest FUT Team of the Week selections by EA SPORTS? Are you hoping to include any of these FIFA 20 TOTW 23 players in your own Ultimate Team? Please feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter to share all your opinions and thoughts regarding this week’s updated squad.

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