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FIFA 20 Quick Sell Recovery exploit lets FUT players sell untradeables

Published: 21/Feb/2020 14:15 Updated: 21/Feb/2020 14:29

by Jacob Hale


A newly-discovered exploit in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team appears to allow players to sell untradeable cards, sending the market into a frenzy in the process.

Untradeable cards can often be an issue for FUT players, who get players that might typically be worth a lot on the market but are unable to capitalize on it, meaning they have to leave the player to decay in their club or build the squad around them.

Now, though, some players have found a potential loophole to get their untradeable players on the market and make some quick money. At the time of writing, EA SPORTS are yet to comment on it as well.


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Posting to Reddit, user YaMaIsYaDa showed a screenshot of a Red Griezmann card from Weekend League rewards on the market for a buy now price of 395,000 coins.

The issue with this is that Red Player Pick rewards are supposed to be untradeable by default and should never be on the market in the first place.

Red griezmann on the ps4 market from FIFA

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According to the Reddit thread, the issue appears to be with the Quick Sell Recovery feature, which is available on both Web App and FIFA 20’s Companion App. This allows players to quick sell cards in-game and bring them back, as long as they know the date they discarded them in the first place.


Using the feature, some players are claiming that quick selling and recovering untradable cards is actually making them tradable in the game mode – which completely goes against their purpose.

This isn’t the only case, either. Twitter user FoCuSsYT found a Player of the Month Aubameyang card in the transfer market for 500,000 coins – again, despite the card being untradeable.

Replying to FoCuSs’ tweet, J.S0548 said (in a rough translation from German to English, according to Twitter): “I think this is via Web App. Works through the Quick Sell Recovery. Then go to live chat and say it didn’t go well. You get them tradable to your club.”


For further proof that the issue seems to be an ongoing one, FIFA streamer Vizeh found the Player of the Month Aubameyang card after his viewers told him of the issue – and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“What?!” he exclaimed. “Oh my god…” clearly in disbelief at the fact this was somehow happening.

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Twitter user Sander Hovde wrote a couple of tweets on February 21, explaining that the Red Griezmann is actually his friend’s card, and how exactly they went through the process.

“He discarded my POTM Mane, so I discarded his Griezmann for revenge,” the player said. “We thought we could just get them back from Quick Sell recovery, but EA f**ked something so they didn’t appear on our recovery list.”


He then explains that they told EA the story of what happened, and his friend got Griezmann back as a tradeable card, despite the fact that it shouldn’t be.

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The idea behind Quick Sell Recovery is that players can quick sell their cards on their console, before triggering the recovery on Web App or the Companion App on mobile. Then, it’s simply a matter of contacting EA and waiting for a response.

That said, the developers will likely notice this very quickly and seek to rectify any potential problems. If this issue is exploited more widely, it could completely alter the market.


Dexerto has reached out to EA Sports for comment and will update this page with more information as and when it becomes available.