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FIFA 20 pro Jas Singh banned after hitting back at “racist” insults

Published: 17/Nov/2019 15:50 Updated: 17/Nov/2019 15:55

by Joe Craven


Popular FIFA 20 pro player Jas ‘Jas1875’ Singh has received a ban from an upcoming event for threatening a fellow competitor. However, Singh states that he was “racially insulted” prior to making the threats.

Followers of the FIFA 20 competitive scene will likely be familiar with Jas Singh, who has been around the top players in the world since early 2018, when he signed for fabled esports organization Team Envy.

He represented Chelsea in the ePremierLeague 2019, finishing an impressive 3-4th. Singh has since moved to fellow Premier League side West Ham United, representing the Irons since October 2019. 

On November 16, Singh was temporarily banned from competing in the FIFA 20 season as a result of violent threats made against other players.

EAJas’ ban, in full.

As a result, he has been “disinvited” from FIFA 20’s second major event, the FUT Champions Cup Stage II, which takes place from Nosvember 22-24 in Bucharest, Romania. 

In a Twitter video from November 16, Singh explains his side of story. After qualifying for the FUT Champions Cup Stage II – which requires you to be a Top 32 player in the world – Jas was banned from attending after making violent threats against a fellow FIFA pro, Nawiid110, who is also known as ‘GoalMachine’ or just ‘Nawid’.

“He said things like I’ll shave your beard, I’ll shave your head,” said Singh. “As you guys know I’m a practicing Sikh so that sort of thing isn’t a light joke. That’s a really racial insult… I took that very angrily and I responded to it angrily.” 

Jas concluded his video by stating his regret for making the insults, but also his shock for receiving a punishment after being racially antagonized. “For someone racially abusing me and me standing up for myself… it hurts right now,” he finished. 

GoalMachine has received a more serious punishment, seeing him suspended from the next two major tournaments. He was also dropped from AS Roma esports. 

On November 16, he posted screenshots on Twitter showing the group chat in which the threats were made by Singh, and the comments were made by Nawid. 

Warning: Some readers may find the comments offensive. 

Despite the controversy surrounding the ban, EA do not seem to be backing down and Singh has accepted his ban. GoalMachine has not publicly responded to the incident, other than posting screenshots to his Twitter.

There was a mixed response from the community and fellow professionals. Kurt0411, a pro player banned earlier this year for spitting on EA’s logo, voiced his empathy for Singh, stating that: The state they’ve (EA) put this scene in is so bad and so unhealthy. We need another committee deciding stuff like this because these guys are absolutely clueless”. 

However, others argued that despite the provocation Jas overreacted, and that Nawid was “joking”. 

There are increasing calls for the FIFA scene to be outsourced to external companies, given EA’s attachment to their own game. 

Many, including Kurt0411, argue that this impacts their decision making and people are not freely allowed to voice their opinions, particularly when criticizing the games in question. 

We will update you on this story where necessary. 


How to complete FIFA 21 UEFA Marquee Matchups SBC Week 4

Published: 27/Nov/2020 5:57 Updated: 27/Nov/2020 5:58

by Andrew Amos


Champions League competition is back this week, and that means another set of UEFA Marquee Matchups SBCs are available for FIFA 21. Here’s how you can complete them to earn some more packs.

Matchday 4 of the Champions League has already been and gone, but there’s still time to complete the Marquee Matchups SBC for the week’s action.

Previous weeks have featured great matches like Real Madrid v Inter Milan, as well as Juventus and Barcelona. Despite the high profile games, the SBCs are relatively easy and cheap to complete, making them a must-do.

The two games that feature in the Week 4 UEFA Marquee Matchups are PSG v RB Leipzig and Liverpool v Atalanta. The Premier League champions were bested 2-0 by the Atalanta squad, while PSG walked away with a 1-0 victory on November 25.

Thanks to FUTBIN, let’s take a look at the requirements, cost, and solutions to complete these SBCs as easily and cheaply as possible.

FIFA 21 UEFA Marquee Matchups SBC Week 4

PSG v RB Leipzig


  • # of players from PSG or RB Leipzig: Min 1
  • Same Club Count: Min 2
  • Rare Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 75
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75
  • # of players in the Squad: 11
  • Reward: Rare Gold Pack

Cost and solution

Cost: 4,500 to 8,000 coins

FIFA 21 SBC solution for UEFA Marquee Matchups Week 4 PSG v RB Leipzig
Here’s how to complete PSG v RB Leipzig.

Liverpool v Atalanta


  • # of players from Liverpool or Atalanta: Min 2
  • Same League Count: Max 3
  • UEFA Champions League Common or Rare: Min 1
  • Rare Players: Min 2
  • Squad Rating: Min 77
  • Team Chemistry: Min 80
  • # of players in the Squad: 11
  • Reward: Rare Mixed Players Pack

Cost and solution

Cost: 6,600 to 8,200 coins

FIFA 21 SBC solution for UEFA Marquee Matchups Week 4 Liverpool v Atalanta
Here’s how to complete Liverpool v Atalanta

Rewards and expiry

For completing the UEFA Marquee Matchups Week 4 SBC, you’ll net yourself a Premium Gold Players Pack on top of the other two packs for doing the individual challenges. The pack alone is worth 25,000 coins, which makes it well worth the cost of doing the SBC.

You’ll have until December 1 to complete the SBC before it goes away ahead of the next week of Champions League fixtures, so be sure to complete it before then. If you find something good in your packs as well, be sure to let us know over on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK.