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FIFA 20 La Liga top player ratings revealed

Published: 16/Sep/2019 9:55 Updated: 16/Sep/2019 10:13

by David Purcell


FIFA 20 players will be scouting out the makings of their first Ultimate Teams already and if you’re interested in all of the top La Liga player ratings you have certainly come to the right place.

The top tier of Spanish football boasts a number of the world’s most recognized players and teams in the world, with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid putting together formidable sides ahead for the 2019/2020 season – as you would expect.

However, seasoned veterans of the EA SPORTS title will know that not every year will the best player be given the best statistics, FUT card or overall rating, and that can have a huge impact in their decision to play with them on a regular basis. 

FIFA 20 DEMO SCREENGRABIt will come as no surprise to FIFA fans that Eden Hazard is among the top rated players in the new game.

With that in mind, we have decided to bunch together all of the top player ratings in each position for the La Liga, which should be pretty useful for fans who are planning their first Ultimate Team, or perhaps even Career Mode signings as well. 

There might be three dominant teams in this league, as noted earlier, so it should come as no surprise to see players from those teams make up the majority of the list. So, let’s take a look at all of the top ratings in each position – based on the Futwiz database. 

FIFA 20: La Liga top player ratings


  • Jan Oblak – Atletico Madrid – 91 rated
  • Marc-André ter Stegen – Barcelona – 90 rated
  • Thibaut Courtois – Real Madrid – 88 rated


  • Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid – 89 rated
  • Gerard Pique – Barcelona – 88 rated
  • Jordi Alba – Barcelona – 87 rated
  • Marcelo – Real Madrid – 85 rated
  • Dani Carvajal – Real Madrid – 85 rated


  • Luca Modric – Real Madrid – 90 rated
  • Sergio Busquets – Barcelona – 89 rated
  • Toni Kroos – Real Madrid – 88 rated
  • Casemiro – Real Madrid – 87 rated
Graphics: EA Sports FIFA / La LigaTake your pick of these incredible midfielders in FIFA 20.


  • Lionel Messi – Barcelona – 94 rated
  • Eden Hazard – Real Madrid – 91 rated
  • Luis Suarez – Barcelona – 89 rated
  • Antoine Griezmann – Barcelona – 89 rated

So, there you have it. Those are all of the top ratings for the La Liga football league and in all fairness, there aren’t too many surprises. 

Across all four positions on the field, this list has hardly changed over the last few years. For those wondering where Gareth Bale is on the list, it’s worth noting that in FIFA 20 he’s suffered a drop in rating by three, moving from 88 in FIFA 19 to 85 in the upcoming title. 

For those looking to get their hands on FIFA 20 early as we approach its September 27 release date, there are two options available. 

You can choose to jump into the demo version, which is available in console stores for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, or jump into EA Access on September 19, where you will get 10 hours to trial the title before it hits the shelves. 


How to complete FIFA 21 FGS token swaps SBCs

Published: 27/Oct/2020 14:34

by Connor Bennett


EA SPORTS are bringing out FGS Token swaps SBCs so that you can cash in your tokens for rewards. Here’s what you need to know about the new Squad Building Challenges. 

With the FIFA esports scene growing year on year, EA SPORTS have started using rewards for fans who tune into the different events every time they roll around – with everything from packs to player drops being possible.

This involves having your EA SPORTS account linked to your Twitch account, and then it’s all about kicking back, watching the action, and hoping you strike it lucky with a drop.

With FIFA 21, things are changing ever so slightly. EA are offering up special FGS Player tokens to anyone who watches an hour of the action, and these tokens can then be used in squad building challenges. 

However, unlike trying to complete a Player of the Month or Flashback SBC, you won’t have to build an entire squad around one of your tokens.

Oh no, instead, you’ll be able to take the tokens and swap them directly for rewards. It’s pretty simple, the more tokens you have, the more rewards you’ll be able to complete. 

Just take the tokens to the SBC that you’d like to complete, pop them in, press complete, and wait for your reward to pop out. For now, these rewards are all about packs, and you can find the different levels below.

FIFA 21 FGS Swaps SBC requirements

  • Jumbo Rare Players Pack: FGS Swap Players – exactly 5
  • Mega Pack: FGS Swap Players – exactly 4
  • Prime Electrum Players Pack: FGS Swap Players – exactly 3
  • Premium Gold Pack: FGS Swap Players – exactly 2
in-game screenshot of the FGS Token swaps SBCS
Screenshot via EA Sports
The SBCs are currently in-game, but tokens aren’t available just yet.

As of writing, these challenges can’t be completed because the FGS Tokens are not currently live. However, once they are, just follow the steps above to claim a reward. 

These rewards are set to be available for the next 30 weeks. That’s right, 30 weeks, so you don’t have to worry about getting tokens fast. Simply bide your time, and you’ll get a reward at some point. 

The current crop of rewards, the four packs, could very well change over the course of the year, so we’ll keep a keen eye on things over the next few weeks.