FIFA 20 FUT players baffled as Squad Battle rewards are broken [UPDATED]

FIFA 20 Squad Battle rewards brokenEA SPORTS

EA SPORTS have confirmed that there’s been an issue concerning Squad Battles in FIFA 20, after players reported a huge pack that can’t actually be opened has appeared on Ultimate Team. 

UPDATE – 12:30 EST

EA have tweeted that the issue has been resolved and players should now be able to open the intended Prime Mixed Players pack they received as part of the rewards.

It seems the pack that was initially advertised with 60 rare gold items will end up not being offered, despite it being displayed in-game.

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The game’s developers make a number of packs available for players to unlock every week, depending on their ranking in the Squad Battles Ultimate Team mode, although they were met with a surprise as a never-before-seen reward appeared on February 16.

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This new pack is shown to contain 60 rare gold items inside – which would make it potentially the most lucrative pack the game has ever offered.

However, players reported not being able to open the pack, which means that it’s being shown as the result of a glitch, so it’s unlikely to ever become available.

The rewards FIFA 20 players receive from Squad Battles depends on their weekly ranking, decided by how many games they win.

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With that being said, people shouldn’t get their hopes up too soon as EA has now confirmed that they’re working on a fix, which will likely see the pack disappear and return to wherever it came from in the first place.

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On February 17, the FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account posted: “We are aware of the concerns regarding Squad Battle rewards and are actively investigating. Stay tuned for updates.”

Since then, as of writing, there has been no word on what action has been taken to resolve the problem and the pack is still appearing in the Ultimate Team packs menu for many gamers.

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For those who haven’t spotted the pack in-game just yet, Twitter users have been posting about the mysterious reward since it appeared and it looks even weirder using the Companion App – as a code name has appeared for it.

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“*FUT_STORE_PACK_536_NAME_MOBILE” is what some mobile users are seeing, when hovering over the glitched reward.

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Squad Battles rewards are always made available on Mondays and clearly this week there’s been an issue, with players not receiving the rewards that they have earned, but instead this strange locked pack instead.

Once the problem has been resolved, we’ll update this article with new details. Until then, just hope that this pack eventually opens up. With 60 rare gold items inside, just imagine what could be inside…