What Are FIFA 19 Pro Player Cards in FUT?

Since the release of FIFA 19 you may have come up against an opponent with an unfamiliar, 99-rated FUT card. These teal coloured cards are known as FIFA 19 Pro Player cards. See these one-off items and how they are distributed below.

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First introduced in FUT 12, these special cards are untradeable, non-transferable and are issued exclusively to high profile professional footballers who take an active interest in the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode. 

It’s a win win situation for both parties, as EA SPORTS receive extra coverage and the professional player receives one of the best-rated cards in the game to boost their own squad.

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All the Known FIFA 19 Pro Player Cards

All the FIFA 19 Pro Player Cards.

If you have played against one of these cards in FUT, then you have just played against a professional footballer. You can also challenge a player’s featured squad on Squad Battles, but this is not the same as actually playing against them.

Unfortunately, regular fans cannot obtain one of these incredible cards. Although, rumor has it that Joey Barton’s brother managed to sell his card for 15 million coins during FUT 13. EA likely assumed that no professional player would want to sell their own card, so originally allowed them to be tradeable.

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What are the chances of playing against one of these 99-rated cards?

Unless you challenge the featured squad in squad battles, the chances of playing against a Pro Player card is extremely unlikely. Think about how many matchups there are worldwide and the odds of a professional player with a 99-rated card finding you as an opponent at that time.

If you do happen to match an opponent with a teal colored card, you should probably take a screenshot and plug in your headset. Make the most of the occasion!

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I am a professional footballer, how can I get a pro player card?

A lot of professional players are very interested in receiving their own pro player card. However, it appears that EA SPORTS FIFA do not issue every player with one and they also distribute them throughout the year.

It’s important to note that only players with current in-game items in FUT are eligible for a teal coloured card. If you would like to receive one, then your club’s PR department, or agent may be able to contact EA SPORTS’ FIFA Marketing team.

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Are FUT 19 Pro Player cards available in packs, FUT Draft or another game mode?

No, these cards are not available in packs or FUT draft. You will not be able to play with a FIFA 19 Pro Player card (unless you are friends or family with a professional player that has one of course).

Who received the first ever Pro Player FUT 12 card?

The first publicly known card was that of Liverpool’s Jose Enrique.

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Which players in FIFA 19 have a 99-rated Pro Player card?

Some of the most well-known players that own a Pro Player FIFA 19 card are; David Meyler, Chiellini, Aubameyang, Dybala, Isco, Jordan Pickford, Jesse Lingard, Andros Townsend, Kevin De Bruyne and many more. 

Many of the cards distributed go unannounced, until the professional player shares it via social media or an opponent finds and screenshots the squad.

Get in touch and let us know if you have ever matched up against an opponent with one of these exclusive FUT items!

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