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FIFA • Jan 04, 2019

FIFA 19 Pack Offers | FUT Happy Hour Times


FIFA Ultimate Team will feature hundreds of FIFA 19 pack offers throughout the FUT calendar. These promotional packs vary between regular player limit and lightning rounds. The release of these promo packs can influence the supply of players onto the FUT transfer market, ultimately affecting player prices. Check out our live and updated list of FIFA 19 Happy Hour times below!


FUT traders often take note of new FIFA 19 pack offers, as they influence player prices on the FUT transfer market. As a result, these promotional packs present opportunities to optimise when buying and selling cards. During FUT 19 Happy Hours prices generally tend to fall due to an increase in supply, and it is common for them to rise in value when there is a period of few or no offers.

By using these offers to your advantage, you will be able to maximise your FUT coins from FIFA 19 Happy Hours, which will ultimately enable you to improve your Ultimate Team squad for the FUT Champions Weekend League. In turn, you will have a greater chance of achieving more wins and higher FUT Champs ranks, providing you with better rewards. More FUT coins will also give you the chance to open more packs to try and hit the big time!

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Generally speaking, FIFA 19 packs are not regarded as being great value for coins, although you can put the odds more in your favour. The best value packs include 50k Rare Players packs, 100k Jumbo Rare Players packs and 125k Ultimate packs. These offer 12, 24 and 30 rare gold players, respectively. We recommend always checking to see exactly what each pack contains before blindly spending coins on them!

This live FIFA 19 pack offers page will be updated as and when new promo packs or lightning rounds are released in FUT. Bookmarking this page and staying on top of these can save you time and make your life much easier in FIFA Ultimate Team. Check out the complete list of FIFA 19 Happy Hour times below…

FIFA 19 Happy Hour Times | FUT 19 Pack Offers List

(All times are UK and Offers will be recorded as of 6pm, January 3, 2019).

January 17 

  • To be confirmed…

January 3 

  • Prime Gold Players 45k packs | Player Limit: 5 | Ends: 6pm Jan 4

Let us know which FIFA 19 pack offers have increased your pack luck the most! Are you successfully making FUT coins from these FUT 19 Happy Hours? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us via Twitter.

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