EA SPORTS respond to bugged FIFA 20 Ultimate Team objectives


EA SPORTS have responded to a number of bugged objectives in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – dropping a few replacement challenges in their place.

Aside from just grinding through games to build up a healthy win-loss ratio that you can use to get one over on your friends, FIFA players also have the chance to tick off objectives through playing matches.

Many of these objectives reward players with XP so that they can rank up their season progress and work towards unlocking some special custom cards, while others will drop cosmetics and limited-time card. Yet, on March 20, players found that a few challenges could not be completed.

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FIFA objectives can be completed in order to unlock a number of rewards.

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These challenges – one to pick up assists with over the top through balls and a Squad Builder objective to unlock a Rare Player Pack  – would not have their progress saved, meaning, that no reward could be gained. 

In response to the problem, EA noted that they would be changing them up. “Hey FIFA Fans, due to an issue with the ‘Over The Top’ Objective in the ‘Week 2 Silver’ Objective Group, we have removed the Lob Through aspect of the Objective, which will now just require 2 assists,” the FIFA Direct Communications account tweeted.

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The developers also changed the Squad Builder Objectives in the Rare Player Pack Objectives Group to a challenge that just required the completion of five games in FUT.

This meant that players could keep their progress from the other challenges they’d already completed in the group, meaning they could unlock the rewards that they had worked towards.

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Players pointed out that, while these challenges were bugged, the EA servers were also being affected by problems meaning that they could not jump into games of Weekend League.

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Whether or not the Weekend League will be extended, as EA has done in the past following issues, remains to be seen. But, as of now, you’ll just have to get your games in before it comes to a close.