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EA are reopening FIFA 19 FUT Champs for one-time-only

Published: 14/Mar/2020 13:33 Updated: 14/Mar/2020 22:29

by Connor Bennett


EA SPORTS is re-opening the FIFA 19 Weekend League for one-time-only in order to give fans one more chance to claim FUT Champs related achievements. Though, nobody is still quite sure why. 

Weekend League was introduced all the way back in FIFA 17, giving players the chance to grind out games over the weekend in order to pit themselves against the best players and grab exclusive rewards.

As the new games have been released, the Weekend League has been altered slightly, but it is still the only place that FIFA players can really compete against the best of the best. However, in an unprecedented change, EA have dropped a curveball on players – reopening the FIFA 19 FUT Champs window while we’re still all playing FIFA 20.


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The FUT Champs Weekend League window is set to be re-opened in FIFA 19.

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The stunning revelation was uncovered by FIFA streamer Bateson87 as he dropped back into the year-old game and was greeted with a welcome message upon starting up Ultimate Team. 

“Hi FIFA fans, we are re-opening the FUT Champions Weekend League one time only on March 20 at 7:00 am GMT,” the message stated. “The event will run in its usual format and this will be the final chance to get any outstanding Weekend League related achievements.”

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Opening up the old Weekend League has never been done before in FIFA and fans have quickly questioned, among other things, why they’ve chosen to do.


It is unknown why EA have taken the decision to bring back the FIFA 19 version of FUT Champs though there are questions about how players will be able to qualify, what the red player pick rewards would look like after the fact, and if the event will run for the whole weekend. Yet, some fans who jumped back into the game found they could qualify right away due to having the required amount of points saved up.


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As of now, EA has not commented on the in-game message, though streamers and players have flocked to the older title and been greeted with the same note as Bateson. 


The status of the Weekend League in FIFA 20 will probably be unaffected and continue as normal, though, we’ll have to wait and see if EA confirms details at some point.