Castro agrees to buy Twitch viewer a dog after lucky FIFA 22 pack prediction

Twitch streamer Castro1021Twitch/Castro_1021

Popular Twitch streamer and FIFA player Castro1021 agreed to buy a viewer a dog after an insane prediction while opening packs in FIFA 22.

On September 27, Castro was opening up FIFA packs when a viewer donated three dollars and appeared to ask the streamer for a canine companion in the process.

“I will buy you a dog, if the next pack is a walkout,” Castro explained.

In FIFA 22, the walkout animation is coveted, as it means that the cards are rated 86 or higher. They’re a good way for players to build strong teams to crush the opposition.

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Castro and a viewer get lucky in FIFA 22

As luck would have it, the pack ended up being a walkout, which immediately stunned the streamer who changed the camera back to himself immediately.

“Dude, what the f**k? I have to buy him a dog?” he asked. “Why did that happen?”

After cries from chat for the streamer to get the man his dog, Castro eventually asked the viewer to send his Twitter account so he could DM him.

Twitch viewer gets a dog because of FIFA

Sure enough, the viewer did just that and provided Castro with some good incentive to actually follow through on the dog acquisition.

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“It would be good for my daughter and would help me with losing weight,” the viewer said and attached a photo supposedly of himself and his kid.

This seemed to be what pushed Castro to the limit as he blurted out, “we’re getting this man a dog!”

Castro went on to state that it was up to the viewer to find a dog he wanted that he would then pay for, but when he visits the UK, he wants to see the new pet for himself when he goes to Manchester.

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The viewer told Dexerto that he and Castro will be talking off-stream about it, but hopefully, he ends up getting the dog of his dreams all because of FIFA 22.

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