Fallout show creators say Season 2 will see how New Vegas changed since the games

Liam Ho
Fallout TV Series Screengrab

The creators of the Fallout TV series have elaborated more on their plans for the second season, including how the iconic New Vegas will feature and the return of Mr House.

The Fallout creators have spoken out more about their plans for the second season of the show. With the series teasing a return to New Vegas in the season finale, fans have been eager to find out how the iconic location will appear in the show.

After all, the show sees Hank return to a city in the final shot of the finale which is likely to be New Vegas. This location refers to the Obsidian Studios-made Fallout: New Vegas, with the creators wanting to explore what happened to other parts of America after the original Fallout.

“The idea that more stuff has happened, and that we’re not leaving worlds as we left them, was sort of the philosophy of approaching the first season being set in Los Angeles,” showrunner Graham Wagner explained in an interview with GQ.

Wagner went on to hint that the show would be headed to New Vegas in the second season, as the showrunners wanted to continue exploring this idea that was “strongly implied by the finale of the first season.”

Alongside the return to New Vegas, season one included a cameo of Mr. House, a key character from Fallout: New Vegas. Wagner wasn’t too hesitant to speak more about the return of the enigmatic character.

“We certainly intend to expand on that,” he said. “That is an interesting moment to be double-clicked, as they say, in a future story.”

The Fallout show has seen massive levels of success both critically and socially, with fans of the series now patiently awaiting to see what’s next in store for Lucy and her new found friends.

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