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xQc rages after player deliberately stops him winning Fall Guys round

Published: 8/Aug/2020 22:47 Updated: 17/Aug/2020 11:08

by Brent Koepp


Popular Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel hilariously exploded in rage after being eliminated in Fall Guys during his August 7 stream. The former Overwatch pro’s match was ruined by a player who kept grabbing onto him. 

Fall Guys has taken the gaming industry by storm since its debut in August. The vibrant multiplayer title’s hilarious physics-based gameplay has made it a smash hit on streaming platforms.


One of the game’s most frustrating elements is the ability for players to grab onto each other. And during his latest broadcast, Twitch star xQc lost it when the mechanic ruined his match.

xqc eliminated in fall guys
Twitch: xQcOw
The popular Twitch streamer was eliminated in Fall Guys due to a mischievous player.

xQc has Fall Guys match ruined

The streamer was in the middle of playing Fall Guys during his broadcast when a player began to grab onto him. Frustrated, the Twitch star told his chat, “Nice I’m getting held by players. Great.”


Due the opponent wasting his time, xQc was eliminated after the time ran out. The star hilariously grabbed his camera and screamed “Why are you holding me!? Why are you holding me!?”

Pressing his eyes an inch from the camera, he screamed about the player’s actions. “Why do it? Why do it!? Why ARE YOU HOLDING ME DUDE!?” he continued to yell before fixing his streaming setup.

“F**king bulls**t gameplay mode. Unf**kingbelievable, dude. My god,” he exclaimed, before explaining why he was frustrated. “Why was he doing that? Guys, the guy with the baseball cap, why is he doing this? It’s a six-man game mode and he’s holding me!”


While Fall Guys is incredibly fun, xQc’s rage is understandable as it can turn frustrating quickly. And anyone in love with the party title will vouch that the holding mechanic is one of the most annoying elements of the game.

Despite only releasing on August 4, the multiplayer release by Devolver Digital has already become a smash hit. It’s so popular that it’s even passed Grand Theft Auto V online in active players on Steam.


Who is Hair by Chrissy? Viral TikTok salon drama explained

Published: 15/Oct/2020 13:26

by Georgina Smith


A popular TikTok hairstylist has turned off comments on all platforms after claims of discrimination went viral, leading to people review bombing her Yelp page. But who exactly is Hair by Chrissy and why has she gone so viral?

Video sharing app TikTok is the perfect breeding ground for virality, with videos going from nothing to hundreds of thousands of likes overnight, trends sweeping its huge user base with its spookily smart algorithm.


But many users have found themselves coming across huge talking points that have seemingly sprung out of the blue, and one of those phenomena is Hair by Chrissy who has found herself ‘cancelled’ overnight. But many are confused as to exactly who she is and why there are so many videos springing up about her.

Hair by Chrissy is a hair stylist TikToker, with a relatively sizable following of 1.5 million. She has previously styled huge TikTok stars such as Dixie D’Amelio and Cynthia Parker, and owns Habit Salons in both LA and Arizona.

@hairby_chrissyDark Licorice 🖤 @dixiedamelio w/ Habit extensions 😎 @hairbycindy @hairbybrittah♬ Be Happy – Dixie D’Amelio

Chrissy initially caught some backlash when salon customers emerged with reviews claiming that that the salon was not enforcing the use of masks, in an apparent flouting of recent regulations.

As this criticism began to brew, viral TikToks started to pick up traction that documented the many reviews that had flooded Habit Salon’s Yelp page, claiming that Chrissy had been discriminatory to people of color.

The reviews alleged that Chrissy “doesn’t do ethnic hair” and many viral TikToks claim that the salon has been deleting reviews that in particular call out alleged incidents of misconduct by staff members against people of color.


Comment on Hair by Chrissy's Yelp! page

Comment on Hair by Chrissy's Yelp! page

One particularly scathing review claimed the salon provided “mediocre hairstyles by an entitled anti-masker. Definitely not worth anyone’s time. Extensions don’t look blended at all and she doesn’t give a crap about you unless you have TikTok followers. This old lady is cancelled.”

Yelp itself even ended up freezing the salon’s review pages due to the “increased public attention,” the viral drama starting to appear on people’s For You Pages globally.

Yelp! freezes Hair by Chrissy's salon's page
Yelp were forced to step in after the review bombing began.

Hair by Chrissy herself has now turned off comments on all her social media platforms to deflect the hate, but continues to post videos and images to her various accounts. She even reposted a video from her former videographer claiming she’s one of the most “talented and hardworking people he knows.”


That hasn’t stopped memes about the bizarre incident to flood both TikTok and Twitter, with many joking they are on “Hair by Chrissy TikTok” and saying “Hair by Chrissy on TikTok said I see your White House garden party and I raise you an indoor salon with no masks and questionable aesthetics.”

At the time of writing there has been no formal response to the outrage from the popular TikTok stylist, and they continue to post as normal.