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Fall Guys

Fall Guys race mini-game guide: Fall Mountain, See Saw, Door Dash, more

Published: 20/Aug/2020 8:26 Updated: 20/Aug/2020 8:47

by Brad Norton


Fall Guys often rewards the quickest players in a lobby and with 10 racing mini-games available, it pays to be speedy. If you’re struggling to keep up, fear not, we’ve got you covered with a complete rundown on every race mini-game to help you capture the crown.

While a great deal of success in Fall Guys can be attributed to luck, the game certainly favors those that drop in with game plans in mind. From timing to teamwork, the charming battle royale will test your skills. Though perhaps the most essential skill is footwork.


Being fast on your feet can help you advance through the rounds as 10 mini-games are based around reaching the finish line first. If you fall behind early, it can be near impossible to catch up. Thankfully, there are few ways to get an advantage and we’re here to go through them one-by-one.

Whether you’re struggling with the See Saw mini-game, or just want advice on how to avoid being hit in Fruit Chute, we’ve got you covered.

Fall Guys Door Dash Guide

Fall Guys Door Dash gameplay
If a door doesn’t break upon impact, immediately move to another.

Right out of the gate we’ve got Door Dash as one of the simplest mini-games in Fall Guys. All you need to do is crash through a few doors and leap towards the finish line. However, if you bump into the wrong doors, it could spell doom for your entire run as only certain barriers are breakable.


It can be demoralizing diving face-first into a door, only to drop straight to the ground below. So a great tactic in this mode is to try and keep with the pack. The first few blockades will have multiple openings. So long as you stick near the majority, you’ll be able to rush through this section without much difficulty.

If you find yourself ahead of the pack, try to stick to a single guess before playing it safe and letting others break through. Jamming into multiple ‘fake’ doors can put you far behind the leaders. Once you close in on the final row, it’s going to be a tight squeeze. Try to force your way through at all costs, whether it’s jumping, diving, or just sprinting full steam ahead.


Fall Guys Dizzy Heights Guide

Fall Guys Dizzy Heights gameplay
Go with the direction of the platforms instead of trying to fight against them.

Next up is Dizzy Heights, a mini-game that’ll be spinning you right round all the way through to the end. This mode features a typical race where almost every obstacle is a rotating platform. As a result, it’s always best to go with the momentum of the ground you’re on. Instead of trying to push against the rotation, let your current spin guide you to the next surface.

The middle section of this mini-game tries to stunt your momentum as balls come crashing down. While it’s obviously best to try and avoid these, they’re not actually as damaging as you might think. Often times, it can be quicker to stay on the path ahead, rather than turning and trying to get out of the way. You’ll only be knocked down for a split second before you’re back on your way.


Fall Guys Gate Crash Guide

Fall Guys Gate Crash gameplay
Take your time in the final section of Gate Crash.

Gate Crash is all about being in the right place at the right time. As you push through the map, barriers will come up and go down at regular intervals to try and stop your progress. It’s key that you keep a close eye on the path ahead and try to time your pathing accordingly.

Each set of barriers is on a fairly predictable timer, so as you come close, it should be a simple decision choosing to push left or right. Every now and then something might get in your way, be it other players or other obstacles. If this happens and your momentum is lost, it can often be better to sit and wait in front of the door that’s currently up. It should come down in a short moment so you can continue forward.


The final portion of Gate Crash is where most players will lose out on qualifying. A single failure at jumping over the gap could leave an opening for competitors to get ahead. What you should do here is sit patiently at the top of the ramp for a few seconds. Keep an eye on the three rotating barriers down below and time your slide perfectly after taking it all in.

Fall Guys Tip Toe Guide

Fall Guys Tip Toe
You’ll want to play cautiously in Tip Toe, as the name implies.

Tip Toe is one of the more unique races in Fall Guys as you’ll more often than not want to take it slow. It’s a game of trial and error as all players work in unison to illuminate a safe path on the ground. If you step onto a faulty tile, it’ll respawn you right back at the beginning.

Taking your time and letting others figure out the path is a fairly common tactic, especially as you close to the end. Enemies will look to grab you and bump you towards the next tiles so that they can avoid being eliminated. As a result, it’s wise to try and sit in the middle of the pack if you’re going for this approach.

Sometimes other players aren’t looking to take risks at all, however. This is where you can shine and get lucky. Unless there are only two or three tiles to go, simply rushing forward is a genuinely good strategy in the early phases. You can even jump and dive to skip over rows in order to reach the finish line.

Fall Guys Fruit Chute Guide

Fall Guys Fruit Chute gameplay
Walking steadily uphill is more effective than jumping and diving in Fruit Chute.

There might not be a more luck-based mini-game in all of Fall Guys than Fruit Chute. On paper, it’s extremely simple: Walk forward and dodge falling fruit until you hit the end. It’s the way in which this fruit drops onto the map that can completely ruin your run.

There’s no real predicting patterns or timing your movement on this one. The exact same path could lead to a million different outcomes depending on how the fruit crashes into the map. Try not to put too much stock into getting ahead early. So long as you’re able to keep a steady pace and avoid falling backward off the map, you should be cruising through to the finish line.

Be sure to watch for shadows on the ground as you get closer to the top, however. If you spot them early, you can quickly pivot to avoid losing your momentum near the very end.

Fall Guys Hit Parade Guide

Fall Guys Hit Parade gameplay
Avoiding all obstacles for a flawless run should let you finish in the top spot.

Hit Parade is one of the more standard obstacle courses in Fall Guys and is split into four sections. The first is a balancing beam where those with good footing will have a slight lead over those that fall off. The second is a rotating door section that can quickly devolve into a mess. Try to stick with the pack and force openings together.

Next up is the pendulum section and this is where you can make or break a run. Instead of trying to blitz through as soon as possible, take your time here. Carefully push forward and plan your movements to avoid the swinging balls. 

If you’ve made it through without being knocked off, it’s smooth sailing to the end. The final section is a small, slimy hill with beams constantly trying to offset your character. Sticking to the far left or the far right is often a great way to avoid big groups in this phase.

Fall Guys See Saw Guide

Fall Guys See Saw gameplay
Try to avoid piling on the same side as dozens of other players.

The See Saw mini-game in Fall Guys can be quite frustrating if you don’t get an early lead. You’ll need players working together in order to keep each seesaw balanced, otherwise, everyone will be falling off the map.

It’s best to try to and get out ahead early to avoid issues. Taking a lead will allow you to quickly jump from platform to platform without dozens of others weighing down the same side and throwing you off the map.

If you can’t take this early lead, however, your best bet is once again, to play patiently. Don’t force yourself onto a seesaw that’s already near-vertical. Wait for it to balance out before jumping on. One great trick for this mode in particular is that diving can be a huge benefit. Even if your platform is about to tip, you can still dive off and make it to the next checkpoint.

Fall Guys Slime Climb Guide

Fall Guys Slime Climb gameplay
Slime Climb might seem intimidating at first, but you’ll master it in no time.

Slime Climb has quickly become notorious for being one of the most difficult race mini-games in Fall Guys. It features a wide array of unique obstacles and if you’re not quick enough, there are no second chances here. Slime is constantly rising on the map and if you fall in, it’s game over.

There’s no playing patiently here, you’ll need to get out ahead as soon as possible. Keep an eye out as you push through the map for unique shortcuts. From jumping up ledges to climbing on the rotating hammers near the top, there’s a surprising number of shortcuts in Slime Climb.

Do your best to keep your distance from other players when possible. Even the slightest bump could knock you over and send you plummeting down a few layers to the slime below.

Fall Guys The Whirlygig Guide

Fall Guys The Whirlygig gameplay
Letting certain beams knock you forward is a surprisingly great tactic in Fall Guys.

The Whirlygig will test your timing like no other race mini-game in Fall Guys. Instead of climbing obstacles, your goal here is to finely push through a simple course without being hit. Rotating beams will knock your well of course if you’re not paying attention in this mode, so keep your eyes peeled at all times.

While the latter stages will require you to jump over these beams or risk falling off the map, they can surprisingly be used to your advantage early on. In the opening section, a great tactic is to simply let the beam hit you and boost you through further ahead. This is considerably faster than the ordinary walking pace in Fall Guys.

Once you pass through towards the final section, a choice has to be made. Is it better to risk it all and attempt the middle path with the dangerous fan? Or is it better to play it safe and take the slower approach around the sides? This decision ultimately comes down to where you are in the race. If you’re ahead of the pack, take the risk. You’ll always respawn in the blink of an eye. However, if you’re needing to make up some room, go the safe route to ensure you make it to the end.

Fall Guys Fall Mountain Guide

Fall Guys Fall Mountain gameplay
Fall Mountain is the ultimate race in Fall Guys and could lead to your next crown.

Last but not least, Fall Mountain is the final race mini-game that can stand between you and your next crown. If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’ve already won a few racing modes and are familiar with many of the game’s obstacles. From rotating hammers to the giant balls, many aspects of this level are copied from others.

Similar to the Fruit Chute mini-game, it can often come down to luck on Fall Mountain. Depending on where you spawn, where the balls spawn, and so on. You’ll likely need a flawless run without being knocked down to make it to the summit first. 

Remember to grab the crown at the very top of the map. The most common mistake is players jumping into the crown and falling down to the ground below. A simple tap of the button, and victory can be yours.