5 big features Fall Guys could add next

James Busby
Fall Guys features

Fall Guys is absolutely dominating both gaming and streaming charts, making it one of the most popular games of the year. However, there are a few things we’d love to see added to the colorful battle royale. 

Mediatonic’s gameshow inspired title Fall Guys has taken the world by storm and players have been busy competing for that all-important win. While its bean-filled world may look charming enough, the level of competition is incredibly high. Fortunately, Fall Guys’ cocktail of silly game modes and adrenaline-fueled platforming make for a fantastic combo. 

The game currently features 24 levels which are randomly selected each round, forcing players to master them all if they wish to have a shot at claiming a win. While it’s still incredibly early days, we’ve come up with five major features we’d like to see added to Fall Guys.  

Hacker only lobbies

For such a charming and lighthearted game, Fall Guys has certainly attracted its fair share of cheaters. Currently, speed-enhancing hacks are ruining the fun for many PC players, often denying them the chance to secure that well-earned win. If you have played since launch or watched any Fall Guys streams, then chances are you’ve seen these cheats in action. 

In fact, we ran into our very own hacker during a Jump Showdown finale. This bad bean used his hacks to leap through the air, effortlessly avoiding the rotating bar and securing an easy victory. 

While banning cheaters from playing the game is a decent punishment, we personally love the idea of forcing them to compete in their very own hacker-filled lobbies. Not only would this be incredibly cathartic to watch, it would also show these players just how unfun their hacks really are. 

Spectate squad button

Fall Guys spectator mode
This simple addition would make spectating certain players much easier.

As of writing, the only way to spectate your friends in Fall Guys is to quickly sift through all the other players in the lobby. This wouldn’t be so bad if the camera simply stuck to those you wish to view, but it changes each round, forcing you to begin the process once again. 

A simple ‘spectate squad’ button would go a long way in alleviating this annoyance and we’d love to see this implemented in the future. After all, spectating your friends bumble their way through a course can be just as fun as playing. Having this feature would mean we would never miss a funny moment again. 

Custom map creator

Fall Guys custom map
Custom maps would keep the game fresh for years to come.

Arguably the most wanted feature on this list is the addition of a custom map creator. Not only would this allow the community to create exciting new concepts, but it would also give the game infinite replayability. Being able to download and vote for the best player-created maps would be fantastic, especially if there were playlists dedicated to showing off the most popular creations. 

Fall Guys Lead Game Designer, Joe Walsh stated in a recent Reddit post that the team was discussing this feature, but the complexities of the current engine make the process a little tricky. For now, it looks like a custom map creator may be a pipedream, but we’d love to see this added in the future.

Team game mode

Fall Guys team game mode
Team games might be more enjoyable if they had their own separate mode.

While team games may be a point of contention for many Fall Guys fans, they could be put into a completely separate mode for those that want to play them.

Currently, team games are used to eliminate huge waves of players before entering the final rounds. These games often heavily rely on RNG and take very little skill to beat. 

A lot of players often dislike having to work with randoms at the best of times, particularly when your a few players down. Having a playlist that is purely catered around team games could be a good addition, especially for those that wish to squad up with their buddies and beat the living snot out of yellow team. 

Couch co-op

Couch co-op
Fall Guys would be even more fun if we could play locally with friends or family members.

Fall Guys just screams couch co-op. Being able to invite a bunch of your friends over and hook up multiple controllers would be fantastic. The simplistic nature of Fall Guys makes it the perfect party game. After all, there’s something extremely satisfying about beating your mates and seeing their reactions in realtime, so having a split screen mode is something we’d love to see added. 

Wacky games like Human Fall Flat and Gang Beasts have proven just how ridiculously fun the shared/split screen PvP can be. However, until Mediatonic implements this feature, we’ll simply make do with passing the controller around. 

So there you have it, five things we want to see added to Fall Guys. Do you agree with our suggestions? If so, make sure you follow @FallGuysPage on Twitter for all the latest game updates and news.