TSM CEO responds to report of esports exit & confirms CSGO team still coming

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Following reports that TSM would be selling its LCS spot and ceasing other esports investments, founder and CEO TSM Reginald claimed the org still plans to invest in CS:GO later this year.

With the announcement of Counter Strike 2 in March, excitement for the series and its competitive scene saw a tangible boost. With the sequel garnering hundreds of thousands of viewers on Twitch and the original CS:GO breaking its all-time player record, the beta window proved that CS2 can be a worthy successor.

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However, with the beta came the announcement that Valve would be focusing more on Counter Strike 2’s competitive scene, with the CS:GO Fall Major being canceled due to the transition. As such, esports orgs have had to adjust to the changing landscape.

TSM is one org that has undergone significant changes recently, with high-profile employees leaving during a company downsize. TSM CEO Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh claimed the company had “expanded too quickly,” which resulted in the wave of layoffs.

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Now, Reginald has responded to a report that TSM could sell its LCS spot in addition to pausing some other esports operations. Seemingly confirming the report, Reginald reassured fans that TSM is committed to esports and had news to share about the company’s focus.

TSM to make large investment in CS:GO

In late 2022, TSM’s former VP of Esports Operation Dominic Kallas revealed that the org wanted to return to competitive CS:GO. However, several months have passed since then, and Valve’s CS2 announcements left fans wondering if that was still on the table.

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TSM Reginald took to Twitter on April 1, 2023, in response to recent reports and to give an update on the organization’s future in Counter-Strike.

“TSM is committed to esports,” he wrote. “We’re planning to enter CS:GO sometime later this year which is a larger investment than all of the games we’ve left combined.”

He went on to reassure fans, and stated that TSM is always evaluating which games are the best to invest in, and that they will continue to enter and exit games as the ecosystems change.

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If Kallas’ words hold true, TSM plans to have a roster of players ready to go some time this year. He originally stated there was a chance for the lineup to be ready before the BLAST Major qualifiers, but that wasn’t the case.

Regardless, TSM Reginald has reassured the CS:GO community that Team Solo Mid is coming to compete later this year.

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