Retired CoD pro & 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot wants to compete in college esports

Theo Salaun
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Twitter, @Nadeshot / NCAA / Pexels

Former Call of Duty pro player and current founder, CEO of 100 Thieves is 30 years old and ready for his college redemption arc. After dropping out as a sophomore, he’s now ready to return as an NCAA D1 esports athlete.

It’s no secret gaming and esports are getting bigger every year. Between amateur casuals and professional players, another scene continues to emerge: NCAA esports.

Just this past year alone, Call of Duty was further engrained in the college world – with over 50 teams in the College CoD League and a number of former pros joining schools to compete.

Now, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag is considering joining the ranks. While he currently runs his gaming and esports organization, 100 Thieves, the former OpTic Gaming CoD captain seems ready to pick up the sticks again.

100T Nadeshot wants to play NCAA D1 esports

Nadeshot dropped out of college as a sophomore to continue his CoD career, which lasted from 2009 to 2015. In the time since he’s made his mark on the community as a content creator and founder of 100T.

Now, as he explained in a March 1 tweet, he’s wondering if that dropout means he’s still eligible to join a D1 school to compete.

As far as Nade’s goals, he’s laid out a fairly simple desire: “I’m trying to be the first 30-year-old D1 Esports player.” Almost immediately, schools started responding – interested in helping him achieve that goal.

While unsure whether he wants to play CoD or Valorant for a university, he seems ready to go and is already looking for offers. As the CEO asked in his tweet: “Any schools got a full ride for me?”

At the moment, a number of teams seem ready to open up their admissions offices. So far, St. Edwards University, Maryville University, Illinois State University, and some others have all replied to Nade’s tweet with varying levels of interest in his services.