Paris Legion & Paris Eternal confirm Las Vegas relocation in 2023

Jacob Hale

The ownership company behind Overwatch League and Call of Duty League franchises Paris Eternal and Paris Legion have filed trademark applications hinting at a relocation to Las Vegas. After some early speculation, it’s now confirmed that the transition is indeed going ahead.

DM Esports, the parent company of the two Paris-based franchises, abandoned their trademarks for Paris Eternal and Paris Legion in 2021, which prompted fanbases in both leagues to question whether they would be leaving entirely.

Early in 2022, DM Esports filed trademarks for both Vegas Legion and Vegas Eternal.

The trademarks were filed for both names on March 7, 2022, for clothing and entertainment services alike. After this news spilled out online, both teams have since confirmed the plans to relocate in 2023.

Vegas Legion trademark
The Vegas Legion and Vegas Eternal trademarks were filed in March 2022.

“The rumors are true!” a joint statement across both Paris Legion and Paris Eternal social channels confirmed on June 1. “We’re excited to announce a new chapter for Legion/Eternal fans.

“In 2023, the Legion/Eternal will be relocating to Las Vegas.”

So while it’s now official, both teams will continue operating with existing branding for the remainder for 2022. It wont be until the next calendar year that the Call of Duty League and Overwatch League both feature new Vegas teams.

Both Paris Legion and Paris Eternal have faced criticism from fans in the past, accused of showing a lack of care towards their performances in the leagues or building their brand alongside them.

At the time of writing, Paris Legion is dead last in the CDL standings ahead of Major 3, with a disappointing 2-16 record. In the Overwatch League, Paris Eternal has started the season 0-6.

Vegas is no doubt one of the biggest markets available for any franchise in any sport, so it’s naturally a huge coup for DM Esports.

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