Nadeshot loses it at “idiot” Valorant teammate after heated trash talk

Jacob Hale
Nadeshot raging on Twitch stream with Valorant logo in corner
Twitch: Nadeshot/Riot Games

Solo queueing Valorant ranked play can be a testing experience at the best of times, but Nadeshot couldn’t contain his rage at a teammate talking trash to him during one intense match.

Ranked play in any game can be a tough task, especially if you’re not stacking with friends or teammates.

It’s hard to tell how your random teammates are going to want to play, you’re not sure what their attitude will be like, and in games like Valorant, it sometimes means having to be fluid on what Agent you want to play as.

It’s not rare for these matches to end in disaster, with arguments between random teammates, and that’s exactly what happened with Nadeshot as he reached the end of one particularly tight game.

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Riot Games
Nadeshot’s Reyna teammate caused a few issues for him.

Down 10-9 and hoping to get the ball rolling to win the final rounds, Nade’s teammate started questioning the former Call of Duty pro’s plays, and things quickly became toxic.

When the Reyna started to ask why he made certain plays and telling him what he did wrong, Nadeshot hit him with a resounding “shut the f**k up,” before being called a “f**king bum.”

Another teammate called for the two to “keep their composure,” but the beef was already in motion. “Instalock Reyna that can’t shoot straight to save his life, what a surprise,” said Nadeshot. The Reyna then died and accused Nade of “baiting” and being “a sh**ter,” and that’s when he lost it.

“I’m playing f**king smokes,” he screamed down the mic, before finally getting pushed and killed, much to his trash-talking teammate’s delight.

Nadeshot ended up muting the Reyna and the game went to overtime, with the 100 Thieves founder finding himself on the tougher side of a 2v1 in the final round, falling and losing the game.

The match was no doubt hindered by the argument between Nadeshot and his teammate, and it would have been interesting to see whether good moods would have seen them prevail.