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IKEA Set to Enter the Esports Market With New Furniture Line

Published: 8/Jun/2018 16:35 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 16:13

by DG Goldstein


Furniture giant IKEA has announced that they will be partnering with Area Academy and Unyq to produce a line of sports-related products.

On June 7th, it was announced that Swedish-founded IKEA will be entering the esports market with their own line of gaming-centric furniture in association with Area Academy, an educational activities company, and 3D design company, Unyq.

With the esports world growing on what appears to be a daily basis, companies are trying their best to get in on the action and get involved in the enormous market of individuals on a worldwide scale.

The three companies will all work together to design the best-suited furniture for gamers, with Tommy ‘Potti’ Ingemarsson, CEO of Area Academy, mentioning how they will attempt to adhere to all ages, body types, and other factors in regards to comfort.


“When designing for esports players, one must remember that a gamer is not just a youth. Many people who play are actually in their 30s. The idea of this and the cooperation with Unyq is that you can scan your body and customize the furniture for each individual, users can also adjusting colour and appearance.”

Ingemarsson, a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and co-founder of Ninjas in Pyjamas, went on to state how he spent years using a ‘kitchen chair’ while gaming, and how the correct piece of furniture is crucial for long hours of playtime.

“I spent several years sitting on a kitchen chair when I started playing and it was not very good. The furniture is a big part of everyday life for an esports player and using the wrong furniture can damage both your back and your posture.”

As of writing, it is unknown when the IKEA esports furniture line will be released to the public, or exactly what will be included.

More information on the partnership can be found right here.

Source: Esports Insider