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YouTuber tricks Instagram followers by hiding Kylie Jenner in her photos

Published: 1/Feb/2020 22:12

by Meg Bethany Koepp


YouTube comedy vlogger Kiera Bridget completely fooled fans by Photoshopping celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner into the background of her Instagram photos – and nobody noticed.

It’s no shock to anyone that influencers and online personalities often use tools like Photoshop and FaceTune to edit imperfections out of their photographs or to add a filter, but adding another person in entirely is almost unheard of.

British personality Kiera Bridget did just this though, and documented her process in a February 1 YouTube video, revealing exactly how she’d pulled the wool over her Instagram followers’ eyes.

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YouTuber fools Instagram fans

In the video titled “I Hid Celebrities In My Instagram Photos & No One Noticed,” one of the pictures the 19-year-old edited was of her posing outside of an Alaïa store in London, UK, and she chose American media personality Kylie Jenner to be her photo-manipulating victim.

“I think I’m gonna put her in the background, like kind of behind me,” she said, as she sized up a random picture of the reality TV star out shopping, before blurring the picture and making it fit better into the shot.

Kiera then included a shadow around her feet for added “realness” and edited a lightning storm into the sky as a homage to Jenner’s daughter, Stormi Webster. After she was done, she uploaded it onto FaceTune to blur it even more and then uploaded it to Instagram.


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Guess what I’m looking at ?

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The Brit also edited a photograph of herself where she posed in front of a water fountain. While the end result looks pretty normal, a sharp eye would notice that she’d actually included Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from the Twilight movies into the background.

Comments on her social media said hardly anything about the pair, and instead mostly just praised the YouTuber for her outfit and her shoes, failing to notice the vampires hidden in front of some trees.

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went on a walk today. It was scary.

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Justin Bieber was used in another shot, and was placed to look like he was sat behind the YouTuber in a Starbucks while she clutched an iced drink – though the image has since been deleted from her social media account.


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Kiera is a popular British vlogger with 3.42 million subscribers, and is known for her comedic life hack experiment videos, TikToks, and relationship with American YouTuber Infinite.

Her channel first gained traction when she joined Tana Mongeau’s collaborative ‘Trash’ channel in 2016 alongside other influencers such as Anna Campbell, Aaron Fuller, and Natalia Taylor.