YouTuber says he was on NBA Draft list despite never playing college basketball

Dylan Horetski
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A YouTuber is claiming to have found a loophole that got him on the 2023 NBA Draft list without ever playing a game of college basketball.

There’s no doubt that there are millions of kids nationwide that have at least dreamed about being drafted into the NBA to get paid to play basketball.

YouTuber Jordan Haber grew up loving basketball himself, and, after graduating college with a law degree, he decided to check into the rules behind becoming a member of the 2023 NBA Draft.

He’s since been successful at doing so and uploaded a YouTube video revealing just how he managed the impressive feat.

YouTuber sneaks into NBA Draft class of 2023

Uploaded on May 28, Jordan Haber went through the steps he took to find the loophole and showed off the final email that got him into the 2023 NBA Draft Class.

After sitting down to read the entire NBA bargaining agreement to see if he could find the loophole, he stumbled upon the page that lists all of the requirements to join the NBA Draft.

He had to be 19 and graduate from a four-year college in the United States — both of which he had down pat.

After sending all the proper documents to the NBA and getting confirmation they were received, the association released a list of players approved and Jordan was nowhere to be seen.

However, he didn’t give up and sent a follow-up email asking why his name was missing. Less than 30 minutes later, Jordan received an email stating that he was eligible for the NBA Draft.

“Your name was contained on a list sent to NBA teams. You are eligible for the 2023 NBA Draft,” it said.

He hasn’t shared what has gone on since that email was received, but it’s clear that he managed to find a loophole to become a part of the draft although he wasn’t actually drafted.

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