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YouTuber Colinfurze’s tour of underground bunker goes viral

Published: 29/Mar/2020 14:03

by Daniel Cleary


Popular YouTuber Colin Furze went viral yet again after giving viewers a tour of his incredible underground bunker in his March 26 upload.

Colin Furze has built a massive following on YouTube with over 9 million subscribers and is known for showing off his unusual inventions and bizarre world record attempts on his channel.

The popular YouTuber is no stranger to having videos go viral, as was seen with his Overwatch RIP-Tire recreation, and he has returned yet again for a tour of his jaw-dropping underground bunker.

Colin Furze, YouTube
Colin has taken on some insane projects such as his homemade hoverbike.

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Five years after initially taking on the project, Colin gave viewers a full tour of his impressive shelter and revealed what use he gets out of it.


The YouTuber explained that the bunker, which was built beneath his back garden, could only be accessed through a hidden entrance in his shed.

Despite taking on many projects and coming up with crazy inventions such as his homemade hoverbike, he shared that his bunker is still up there amongst his favorites, “This is still one of the best things that I have ever made.”

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He also revealed that the underground room is used a surprising amount for testing some of his unique inventions such as his flamethrower guitar, “you can do that down here, its a metal box it will not catch fire.”


He continued on, revealing that as the bunker was soundproof with consistent lighting and climate it made for the perfect spot for any of his wild ideas, highlighting different burn marks around the room from past videos.

Colinfurze, YouTube
Colin Furze gave viewers a full tour of his underground bunker.

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Colin also shared that it was used to store a lot of his different inventions and would even be used as a band’s practice room from time to time with its soundproof capabilities.

Despite not going into specifics on how much the bunker cost him to build, he left fans a little hint to estimate themselves, “I can’t give you an exact number because it was a sponsored project…but you would buy a pretty decent family saloon with it.”


Although there were some concerns around how the bunker would hold up, he explained that after the 5 years it was still as good as new, “I’m standing here and it does not look any different to the day we made it.”